SMUXploration Crew

SMUXploration Crew

SMUXploration Crew


SMUX is the CCA student constituent body that represents the outdoor and adventure wing of SMU. Established in 2000, we are a tight-knit family of 6 teams - Biking, Diving, Kayaking, Skating, Trekking and Xseed!

SMUX offers a range of opportunities locally and overseas to explore the outdoors and we welcome individuals of all levels of experience! Through our activities, which span from beginner-friendly explorations to more advanced expeditions, we provide an avenue for all SMU students to take part in outdoor adventure activities.


  1. SMUX Euphorux
    SMUX Euphorux is our annual event which allows incoming freshmen to be exposed to the various SMUX teams. Through this orientation event, participants will be able to meet like-minded peers and forge friendships as they challenge themselves via the range of activities SMUX offers.
  2. Skibike
    This signature collaborative event between SMUX Biking and Xseed aims to bring joy and thrills to all SMUXies with a biking segment that spans across scenic park connectors, followed by a cable ski session at Singapore Wave Park.
  3. Skatathon
    Singapore's only skating marathon. It draws in large crowds from the public and international fronts yearly.

All of our teams offer a variety of activities, you’re bound to find something you enjoy! What are you waiting for? Come join us for your next adventure!



"Through the many exciting activities that SMUX offers, I found my SMUX family who is always there to join me on new adventures. I’ve been pushed beyond my comfort zone with the encouragement of those around me and I would gladly do it all over again!😉

- So Zhi Qi, 19th SMUX Crew HGS, VP & CC, SOB Year 4

"I initially joined SMUX out of a passion and curiosity for the outdoors and adventure. However, walking the journey together with like-minded friends has given me priceless memories and invaluable lessons! Don’t hesitate to take the first step, it might be the best decision in your university life! 😊"

- Denzel Chan, 14th Trekking Team President, SCIS Year 4


SMUX is pronounced as ‘SMUCKS’ and not S-M-U-X! We are a CCA CBd for outdoor adventure activities - not to be confused with the experiential learning framework SMU-X.

You do not need any prior background to join us. Just bring along an open mind and your spirit for adventure to explore the outdoors with us!

It depends on the team you choose to join but each team generally conducts their activities weekly! Our members often go for multiple team activities as they fall on different days of the week.

Generally, our activity sessions do not require any level of commitment. You may sign-up for events as and when you’d like.

No, you do not! Our activities are open to all SMU students. However, we do have a $25 membership which gives you special benefits such as priority sign-ups, access to welfare drives, and discounted rates for merchandise, overseas expeditions, and some events. Membership sale happens once a semester via our Telegram channel!

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