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SMU Data Science and Analytics Society
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
SMU Data Science and Analytics Society
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Data Science and Analytics Society


The Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Society at SMU was founded in AY2021. It focuses on supporting all DSA second major students in their data science journey by providing industry-relevant training and networking opportunities, helping them build their portfolios.

To complement SMU's DSA second major so that its members may be equipped with the necessary skills and insights to kickstart their careers.

To foster fellowship among its members as well as with the faculty and alumni, through a series of talks, workshops, networking sessions, and competitions.

You can learn more about us and reach out to us via our website at


  1. Bidding Workshops
    We hold a bidding workshop annually to inform fellow DSA students about crucial updates to the curriculum, important modules to take and the recommended progression through the major along with insights by seniors into the many electives available.
  2. Industry Talks
    DSA Society regularly invites industry experts and alumni to talk to our students, inform them about key skills required within the industry and the various roles available. In the previous cycle, DSA Society hosted speakers from Mantheos, Gigastaq and Moody's Analytics.
  3. Training Workshops
    We also regularly conduct training workshops and bootcamps in relevant data science tools and skills like R, Github and Machine Learning.



No, all Data Science & Analytics major students are automatically our members.


We are a second major club. Our primary goal is to act as a representative body for the interests of all DSA second major students. We also specialise in R and SQL, and will be offering workshops for all interested parties.

No. Students from all schools are able to take DSA as their second major.  For more information on what second majors you can take, go to OASIS → Academic Tab → Curriculum Advisement → Second Major Requirements → Click on your school. (Find DSA under School of Economics)

Although having a coding background would be an advantage, most students come into DSA with no prior experience. To enhance your learning experience, you may take coding workshops from SmartAcademy or Hackwagon. You can also attend the workshops hosted by us.

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