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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Muay Thai


SMU Muay Thai is the oldest Martial Arts CCA in SMU. Muay Thai is a martial art that specializes in devastating punches, elbows, kicks and knees. Known as the art of eight limbs, it utilizes eight points of contact to strike opponents. Whether your intentions are to keep fit, join the fight team, or simply pick up a new sport, we welcome you to join us!

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Day Mondays Wednesdays
Time 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Venue SOL Rooftop


  1. Student Open 2019
    Silver: Ng Jian Wei, 71kg
  2. Inter-varsity Muaythai Invitationals 2019
    Gold: Winna Leow, 48.5kg
    Gold: Jairus Tan, 62kg



No, we are open to members of all experience levels.

“SMU Muay Thai was a very enriching experience as I learnt a new martial art and made many new friends along the way! To me, SMU Muay Thai is more than just a CCA, it is family!”

- Jairus Tan, Member, School of Accountancy, Alumni

"Joining SMU Muay Thai has been one of the greatest highlights of my SMU journey. Besides learning to be more self-discipline, I have also made many precious friendships and memories along the way!"

- Jian Wei, Member, School of Business, Year 3


We are open to all where individuals with no experience can join us too! The training is beginner friendly, led by our coach, Bruce Loh and training captains. Our Exco members will also be assisting you by the side.

Bruce Loh from Impact MMA, with 30 years of martial arts experience and 20 years of teaching experience.

We have training twice a week and it is not compulsory to come for every training session. However, we encourage members to come as often as they can. 

All equipment is provided during training, all you need to do is come in comfortable sports attire (no shoes needed) and enjoy! If you wish to, you could consider purchasing your own hand wraps and gloves!

For those interested to join the fight team, we hold trials at the start of every semester. The fight team will also go for extra trainings every week!

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