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SMU Sikh Society intends to connect the SMU community with the rich heritage of the Sikhs, while forming a strong support group to help students find an escape from the several pressures of University. We provide opportunities for students to network on both professional and social platforms; and for them to appreciate the vibrant culture and history of the Sikhs. The key values that Sikhs are encouraged to uphold are honesty, compassion, generosity, humility, integrity, service, and spirituality. We hope to share this element of our culture as it would help enrich the larger SMU community.

Now entering a new generation of the CCA, we have decided to spice things up a little (literally *hint*). Other than our usual club events like temple visits and interfaith dialogues, we are also planning to have new and diverse set of activities - think fitness, food and fun. We also are planning to adopt new initiatives to contribute back to our community - with club-led projects in the works. 

True to our culture, there’ll never be a dull moment! Join our family to gain knowledge, excitement and lifelong friends who will help to build your own identity as a student in SMU.



  • Once every 3-4 weeks, held in seminar rooms or through zoom.



Students do not need to go through an interview to join SMU Sikh Society. We accept anyone and everyone!we accept anyone and everyone!

 “I was a bit reluctant and fearful to join SMU Sikh Society at first. However, I took a leap of faith and found a family with a laughter code similar to mine. I’m grateful to have taken that leap and I hope many others do so as well.”

- Manvinder Kaur, School of Social Sciences, Year 4


“SMU Sikh Society has allowed me to meet like-minded individuals from a similar background and given me the opportunity to engage with other religious societies through inter-religious forums that promote harmony and understanding among the different religions”

- Saranpal Singh, School of Computing and Information Systems, Year 4



We do not speak about religion regularly, however, we are open to discuss more about Sikhism if anyone has any questions! We focus on the culture, history and identity of the Sikhs rather than the religion. We do however take part in interfaith dialogues where we mingle with people of different religions and learn more about them.

Hiking, Bowling and many more! We do have Bi-annual temple visits as well.

This depends on the interest levels shown in bhangra. If we are able to gather sufficient interest and find time slots during the year, SMU Sikh society may very well have its own bhangra team! Even if we do not form a team, there will still be bhangra classes held.

Commitment levels are not high, although we would prefer if members engage in the meetings we have during the semester.

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