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SMU Roots is a club for SMU students, both local and international students to experience Singapore’s unique culture and to create a home away from away experience for the foreign students.

SMU Roots prides itself as a club that constantly creates and innovates unpredictable and exciting events for students to bridge friendships and experience Singapore’s authentic culture. Our aim is to bring people of different nationalities together, through engaging activities and events to expose non-locals to Singapore’s culture and remind locals of their roots of their Singapore identity.


  1. Longkang Fishing
    Back in the 60s when kampungs were still around, longkang fishing was a popular pasttime among children. Every time it rained, the longkangs would be filled with small fishes and it was a common sight to see children use containers and bottles to catch and bring them home. Nowadays, longkang fishing is a rare sight. Through this longkang fishing event, local students will be able to relive their parents' and grandparents' childhood while international students will also be able to learn more about the Singaporean culture.
  2. Chinese New Year Baking
    In Singapore, CNY is a key festival celebrated by millions of people every year. CNY goodies such as pineapple tarts are an integral part of the CNY celebrations. Through this CNY baking workshop event, participants bonded over a culturally significant event while firsthand experiencing pineapple tart baking.
  3. SMU Roots Study Sessions
    Every semester, there are 3 targets that students need to meet: midterms, projects, and finals. During these periods of time, students will be very busy consolidating their revision and rushing out their deadlines. Through the bi-weekly study sessions, we provided an avenue for students to study together and help one another out while socialising with new friends!
  4. Welcome Tea <Upcoming>
    SMU Roots Welcome Tea is our club's first event in the upcoming semester. It aims to introduce Singapore to the international students, so that they know what to explore around Singapore and facilitate bonding between the international and local students. It is also where we announce our events for the semester as well as our recruitment process for the next EXCO. So do come down if you are interested!





We’ll be recruiting our Executive committee in the coming semester. We do have a myriad of roles such as Marketing Director, Event Director, Finance Director and President roles, so do keep a lookout for the emails that will be blasted through your school emails. You will have to sign up using the link in the email, shortlisted candidates will be contacted by us for an interview!

"SMU Roots is a hidden gem and will always serve as an exciting part of my journey in University. This CCA also taught me how to interact and appreciate the different cultures of our international students."

- Laszlo, YPHSOL, Year 2

"My journey in SMU Roots has been fun and interesting. As a Singaporean, I always thought that I knew my country the best. However, after I joined this family, I realised that there were so many things about my home country that I was unaware of. This CCA has successfully broadened my horizons." 

- Stephanie


Definitely! We’re looking for Singaporean students to share our rich culture with our international students. A lot of the Singaporean students managed to also bridge meaningful friendships with our international friends through the different events that they participated in.

Yes, please feel free to do so. We’re constantly looking to create new and exciting events for all of you. You can suggest different kinds of events to us by dropping us a direct message on our Instagram, and we’ll definitely take them into consideration.

We’ll be recruiting our Executive committee in the coming semester. We do have a myriad of roles such as Marketing Directors, Event Directors, Finance Directors and President roles, so do keep a lookout for the EDMs that will be blasted through your school emails.

Our popular events include our Lunar New Year Baking Workshop (usually done in collaboration with Truly Malaysia), our DIY workshops and more! Do follow us on our social media platforms to remain updated with our upcoming events!

Some of our events are free of charge. However, there are events that would require us to collect a small fee from you. These details will be clearly stated in our EDMs that will be blasted through your school emails. 

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