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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Maritime Merchants Society


The Maritime Merchants Society is the student body that represents all students who are in the International Trading Track (ITT) and Maritime Businesses and Operations Track (MBOT). The club is a new collaboration between the two specializations in an effort to raise the profiles of the Shipping and Commodities sectors among the SMU body.
Students can expect to gain further insights into these industries through non-credit classes taught by industry practitioners that range from tanker chartering and ship brokering to applications of data analytics and how robotics and automation are applied in both sectors. 


  1. Know-Thy Commodities (KTC) Primer Presentations
    Here, each presenting group researches and builds a presentation on a chosen commodity throughout a 9-week period for a final presentation. They can gain valuable feedback and thorough analysis as the presentation is witnessed by industry experts, alumni, and peers. 
  2. Networking Night
    Networking Night is held on every first semester of a school year. This event allows various parties, such as alumni, students, industry partners and even our own professors for a night of networking and fun!
  3. Industry Study Mission (ISM)
    Industry Study Mission (ISM) allows for students to witness and experience first-hand the commodity and maritime-related businesses overseas (eg. Shipyards, or coffee processing facilities).



Day Fridays
Time 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm / 6:00 pm to 8:00pm 
Venue Seminar Rooms


Yes, it is an interview-based admission (non-technical).

"My SMU experience was definitely made better by MMS as I was surrounded by like-minded individuals. The club also offer countless networking and internship opportunities that allowed me to gain perspective and knowledge outside of the classroom."

- Sam Foo, School of Business, Graduate

"MMS gave me a lot of opportunities to network and meet many people from the industry. I especially enjoy the alumni networking events where we really get to ask many questions and to connect with them."

-  Samuel Leong, Member, School of Business, Graduate


The instructors are students who are well-versed with commodity-related studies, many with experiences from internships and industry attachments.


The club is open to all students. However, students interested are encouraged to declare majors in ITT and MBOT to receive emails with regards to the upcoming activities planned.

Members of MMS and with majors in ITT & MBOT have first-access to internship opportunities and announcements with commodities and shipping companies.

The club partners with global firms to give members the chance to learn more about the firms and network with people there. The club organises overseas learning journeys which enable members to get a macro view of the industries that they are interested in.


No, prior experiences and background knowledge are not required.



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