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A youth development club that places emphasis on service, outreach and fellowship. SMU Rotaract aims to provide an enriching experience for all our members through our three main avenues - Community Service, Professional Development and Club Service.

Here at SMU Rotaract we are a fun group of people collectively committed to the cause of community service and participants can expect to have ample chances to network with like-minded individuals who have the heart to serve as well as opportunities to hone their soft skills such as communication, leadership and project management through project sessions, workshops and career networking sessions while taking away fond memories of their time serving the community with fellow SMU students.


  1. Community Service
    - Project Sparks: A project that seeks to reach out to children with mild autism and dyslexia through hands-on crafts and story-telling.
    - Project Nurture: A project to link volunteers with underprivileged children, and to build up essential life skills to empower them.
    - Project Bloom: A project facilitating the interaction between volunteers and people with down syndrome, so as to empower them and stimulate their social and emotional development.
    - Project Candela: A project to engage migrant workers in meaningful activities, and better assimilate into Singapore through imparting knowledge, skills and forge lasting friendships with them.

  2. Professional Development Events
    e.g. Sign Language Workshop, Social Enterprise Networking Session, Waste Management workshop and more. 

  3. Club Service Events
    e.g. Exam Welfare Drives and snack baskets, Regular Cohesion events to facilitate interactions between our Rotaractors and to build a fun and inclusive community.




  • Subjective to the projects


  1. District 3310 Merit Award of RY2020-21 
  2. District 3310 Best Professional Development Award(Gold) of RY2020-21
  3. SICS Excellence Club Award 2020



We will have interviews to join SMU Rotaract as a volunteer for our 4 main Community Service projects.

"Rotaract has provided me with the opportunity to develop my professional skills. I have had the chance to meet leaders who were the masters of their field. On top of that, Rotaract creates the perfect environment for me to personally give back to the community and make the world a better place. Rotaract makes serving our community a true privilege and pleasure."

- Bryce Yeo, Honorary Financial Secretary, School of Business, Year 2 

"Being in Rotaract amidst COVID-19 was definitely not easy as on one hand I had to deal with understanding a whole new CCA and on the other, have to learn to work effectively virtually. However, it was an experience I would never regret. We always say how trust and communication is very important in a team but it is only through working virtually in Rotaract that I truly understand how important those values are. And finally, Rotaract is a good stepping stone for anyone who is afraid to step out of their comfort zone as everyone in there are all helpful and sincere."

- Farm An Qi, President, School of Accountancy, Year 3


Students selected to be a volunteer or organising committee member for our community service projects will automatically qualify as a member of SMU Rotaract.

SMU Rotaract will provide the 80 hours required toward SMU's mandatory community service graduation requirement. The hours will be divided between the community service projects and the Professional Development sessions.

No! sessions will only be conducted for the duration of the project. Dates and frequency of these sessions will be decided by the organising committee of the project.

All of our community service projects are now able to be held in person! Some Professional Development sessions maybe held online but will be subjected to majority preference.

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