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We are SMU Ember, (previously known as SMU Habitat for Humanity), a community service club here in SMU that aspires to rekindle the passion in both volunteers and beneficiaries alike. We strongly believe in growing together to become charitable people who will make a meaningful and sustained impact on society. 

We know that you are burning with a fervent to make a difference and we can't wait for you to join us and make that into a reality. Follow us @smuember on Instagram or Telegram. We call out to you to join us. Where together, we burn as one, igniting and lifting those who are in need.




Yes. Prospective volunteers will be interviewed to assess their suitability and alignment to the club’s vision and project requirements

However, we do grant everyone an equal opportunity to join SMU Ember, as a Member or as a part of the Sub-Committee. Even if you have no prior experience in community service or leadership, we will be more than happy to accept you. What matters is your heart to serve and ability to commit!

"I would like to enrich my university experience by dedicating some of my time in giving back to the community. I have had positive experiences engaging with the elderly through arts activities during my years in polytechnic and I am excited to start volunteering again! I miss the interactions and would like to take this opportunity to brush up on my dialect skills again. (:"

- Seo Qiao Ting, School of Business, Year 1

"i love the elderly and i want to play a part to make a small difference for them and to see them happy!! i’ve done some neighbourhood volunteering before where i helped to pack and distribute food to the elderly." 

- Yang Tze Ying, School of Social Sciences, Year 2


Our projected recruitment timeline will commence around September or October so stay tuned to our social media channels to have a sneak peek of the projects that are coming up!

No, Ember does not collect membership fees from our members.

No. If you sign up for one project, you will be committed to its activities for the rest of the period. This will strengthen the relationships between our volunteers and the beneficiaries through more consistent interaction rather than constantly rotating. However, after the completion of this project, you are free to sign up for subsequent projects!

When you join us in our projects, you will be equipped with a variety of soft and technical skills. Soft skills include effective communication, adaptability, and problem-solving. In our interactions with our beneficiaries, you will also pick up important values such as empathy, humility, and sensitivity.

Our ExCo recruitment will commence during the first few weeks of the academic year and our subcommittee recruitment will be happening towards the end of the calendar year. Do keep an eye out for our emailers and our social media channels to sign up and have the opportunity to be part of the family at Ember!

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