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SMU Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice Club (CCJC)

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CCJC offers a plethora of opportunities to SMU Law students with a keen interest in Criminal and Constitutional Law. The club is divided into sub-teams, each specialising in a certain area. In past years, CCJC has maintained projects in different areas, such as dialogues for JC students and talks for SMU Law students.


  1. JC Dialogue Sessions
    Members of our club work with Junior Colleges and pre-university institutions where we deliver mini-seminars on introductory Constitutional/Criminal law topics.
  2. Talks
    We bring in distinguished speakers and host talks/dialogue sessions for all students. Later this month, we are hosting a very interesting talk with Deputy AG Hri Kumar on what considerations take place behind the scenes when the prosecution decides to prosecute or not. We are also exploring talks hosted by practitioners and judges in the future.
  3. Criminal Law Publications
    This team is in charge of all publications relating to criminal law. Currently, they are working on the CrimLaw Digests collaborative initiative with the Criminal Practice Committee. Here, we help summarise the recent criminal law cases which practitioners will be interested in. These digests are published onto LawNet.
  4. Constitutional/Admin Law Publications
    This team is in charge of all publications relating to constitutional and administrative law. Right now, the team is working on an Administrative law guidebook for laymen to better understand the recourse they have to review executive decisions. We intend to publish this book with NLB and possibly host exhibitions to promote them.




We do not have any structured training programmes for our members. Our members are exposed to different aspects of criminal and constitutional/administrative law through research undertaken for their respective projects. Each member’s expected commitment level would depend on the projects that they are in.


Recruitment happens throughout the academic year depending on the project’s needs. Do look out for our recruitment emails! Interviews may be conducted for certain projects.


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