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The Civil Defence Lionhearters are SCDF's youth volunteers and Emergency Preparedness (EP) ambassadors.

As a Civil Defence Lionhearter, you will be trained in emergency preparedness skills such as First Aid, CPR+AED and firefighting skills so that you can be a Community First Responder. You will provide immediate assistance for both on-campus and off-campus emergencies, helping to save lives and minimise property damage before the SCDF arrives.

As an EP ambassador, you'll impart your knowledge and lifesaving skills alongside SCDF officers to members of the public during various community outreach events such as Community Resilience Days and engagement programmes.

You can also look forward to meeting fellow Civil Defence Lionhearters from other Universities and Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) Chapters as well as SCDF officers through events such as the Lionhearters Forum, where you will forge a close friendship with the wider CDLH family.


  1. SMU Safety and Security Week
    The SMU Safety and Security Week is one of our key events in collaboration with SMU’s Office of Safety and Security, where we organise programmes to educate the school community on matters concerning Singapore’s security, and how we can play our part to protect our country. In 2023, we hosted focus group discussions on the dangers of drugs and radicalisation in Singapore.
  2. Civil Defence Lionhearters Forum
    The CD Lionhearter Forum is a platform for volunteers from the CD Lionhearter Chapters/Clubs, National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC), and Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) to share their experiences, and to learn from the experiences of Community First Responders (CFRs) in responding to emergencies.
  3. Triangle of Life CSP Project
    SMU CDLH collaborates with preschools to equip young children with important lifesaving skills, while nurturing and inspiring them to play their part as Emergency Preparedness Ambassadors.




Members will be provided with the following training:

  1. Standard First Aid + CPR/AED
    Members who have completed the theory and practical modules of the course successfully will be awarded a Certificate, which will be valid for 2 years according to the latest guidelines by Singapore Resuscitation & First Aid Council.
  2. Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP)
    The Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) is a three-tier programme that focuses on core lifesaving skills and essential emergency procedures with greater emphasis on practical hands-on engagements.

This will aid members' understanding and allow them to practically apply what they have learnt to help others during emergencies.


  1. The Chapter has been appointed by SCDF as Liaison for Brownies Emergency Preparedness Programmes.
  2. 2 members have garnered the Outstanding Civil Defence Lionhearters Award in 2019
  3. 4 members received the Civil Defence Lionhearter Study Bursary Award in 2019
  4. Certificate of Appreciation for the My Responder Challenge



Students do not need to go through an interview to join SMU Civil Defence Lionhearter Chapter. We welcome anyone who has the interest and passion to pick up lifesaving skills and play their part in making SMU a safer community. No life-saving background is required, and training will be provided.

“CDLH has made my SMU life a lot more vibrant. People here are really nice and welcoming. The skills I have learnt are also extremely valuable and useful and I’m more reassured knowing that if something were to happen, I would know how to respond to it.”

- Claire Tang, Dir of Manpower and Training, School Of Accountancy Year 3


"During National Service, I served as a combat medic in the Medical Response Force, a high-readiness unit that deploys in protective gear for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological incidents. I learned to provide lifesaving treatments such intravenous cannulation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the casualties. I would like to continue learning through my journey in CDLH and also would like to teach others the essential lifesaving skills and knowledge."

- Muthukrishnan, School of Accountancy Year 1


No, the courses are fully subsidised for CDLH members.

No, members are not required to have any of the above-mentioned background.

SFA + CPR/AED courses are held 3-4 times a year, whereas CEPP trainings are held 1-2 times a year.

The commitment level may differ, depending on the number of events you choose to participate in. Our members tend to participate in as many events as they can during their available times as a way of giving back to the community and fulfilling their community service requirements.

CPR+AED courses are held by the Office of Safety and Security in school. Sign up links will be sent through email. Information would be shared in the telegram group as well.

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