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A student interest club dedicated to all forms of video gaming, serving as a social space for SMU students to come together and enjoy both casual and competitive gaming.

SMU eSports holds weekly sessions for students to meet friends and other students to play video games together. The club also holds various events that are tailored for both the casual and competitive crowd of players.

Registered members get to know about our events first-hand from our members-only SMU eSports General Chat, so sign-up now to get in on the action and be the first to know!


  1. Inter-Varsity Games Festival
    Where members can represent SMU against teams from other local universities.
  2. Games Parade
    Our video games carnival is held once every semester, either online or offline, where anyone from the SMU family can come and bond over a friendly match with their peers.




Day Fridays
Time 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Venue Released via emails and social media posts



  1. SICS Excellence Club Award 2022
  2. SICS Excellence Club Award 2020
  3. SICS Excellence Club Award 2019
  4. SICS Excellence Club Award 2018



Students do not need to audition/interview to join us, but there is a $10 one-time payment for a Lifetime membership.

"I want to be a part of a community that enjoys playing and talking about different kinds of games. I hope to also learn more about games/genres that I do not normally play, as well as the world of esports."

- Erin Lee, School of Business, Year 1

"The best part about SMU e-Sports is how I get to talk about, discuss, and geek out to my favourite games! It doesn't matter if you enjoy current mainstream games, classics from your childhood, or an oddly specific game nobody else has heard of; you'll always find new friends to talk to!"

- Adam Ahmad Samdin, School of Social Sciences, Year 3


SMU eSports promotes video games on all platforms – we’ve featured games on PC, mobile, Switch, and even on Playstation! At our weeklies, our club tends to feature the newest / trendiest games on each platform, and we try to feature one of each type per week.

No! SMU eSports is more of an interest group that allows gamers to connect with like-minded people in SMU, regardless of whether they are casual or competitive gamers. We have Telegram chat groups dedicated to popular games to allow students to meet peers who share their interests. We do, however, host sponsored tournaments in order to promote the inter-varsity competitive scene – and competitive players are encouraged to participate.

Nope! SMU eSports members are more than welcome to play other games during weeklies if they so desire. The games in the EDM are merely the featured games of the week, and we do not exclusively play the games we highlight via our EDMs. Members are also free to do other activities, such as studying, during our weeklies.

Of course! Our weeklies are open to all SMU students. You’re more than welcome to drop by if you’re free, if you’re interested in checking out our featured games of the week, or if you’re looking for friends to game with! Should we be hosting online weeklies, our Discord server is open for all SMU students to join. Feel free to enter the server, join us in call and game with us!

Being a member of SMU eSports grants you access to our Telegram general chat, where we send out updates about our weekly sessions, events and competitions! In addition, members are periodically updated about sales for games online, and have discounted participation rates for our in-house competitions. Our membership lasts for a lifetime, so it’s a one-time payment for all these benefits! Some of our members even come back to play with us after graduating as alumni!

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