SMU Arts & Cultural Fraternity

SMU Arts & Cultural Fraternity



The SMU Arts & Cultural Fraternity is a student-led constituent body committed to building a vibrant arts presence in our campus and in the city. Working hand in hand with our 22 clubs, we support our artistes in the promotion and pursuit of their artistic endeavours. Our mission is to rekindle a sense of appreciation for the Arts and Culture, and nurture a collective sense of pride within the Fraternity, as #onefratonefam.

With 22 clubs under our wings, there is always something exciting waiting for you here in the arts and cultural community at SMU. With a wide variety of genres – dance, cultural, instrumental, visual and literary art, theatre and media – you’re in for an exciting journey of discovery!



  1. ACF Arts Camp
    Ready for some summer fun? ACF Arts Camp is our annual highlight summer camp that aims to expose freshmen to the arts and cultural scene in SMU! Bustling with fun and exciting programmes such as dance classes, acapella sessions and photography workshops led by our ACF clubs, this camp will definitely form one of your core memories at SMU!
  2. ACF Night
    Back after a 2-year COVID hiatus, ACF Night is an annual event held to commemorate and celebrate the efforts and contributions of our ACF clubs. From chill games to mesmerising performances, this is where we come together to unwind, relax, and celebrate our love for the Arts as #onefratonefam.
  3. Welfare Drive
    Want to grab some amazing deals and attractive items? Join us at ACF’s welfare drives, happening once every semester! As an ACF member, you'll get a chance to receive a variety of welfare items - from deals for arts and cultural activities to yummy food and drinks!





We welcome everyone to join the SMU ACF Management Committee, as long as you’re a member of any of our 22 clubs! Look out for more details released soon on how you can apply to join us this year!


ACF comprises 22 clubs and its MC - as long as you’re a member of any of the 22 ACF clubs, you’re an ACF member!

As a governing body, the ACF MC works together with the 22 clubs, supporting the clubs in their promotion and development of their art forms, and looking after their needs and concerns. The ACF MC is an entity separate of the 22 clubs’ Executive Committees, and work under the name of the Student Constituent Body (CBd) itself!

The SMU ACF MC works together with our 22 arts and cultural clubs and the Office of Student Life, to support our members in their artistic endeavours. The ACF MC exists to develop a strong sense of belonging to the Fraternity and be the one who gels all 22 clubs together. Collectively, we hope to build a vibrant arts presence in the city.

Here at ACF, we are a passionate, fun-loving and vibrant community. With 6 different forms of arts and cultural groups under our wings, there will definitely be something for you! If you share our passion for the arts and cultural scene or would like to experience something new, join our family - let us work hard, play hard and hone our crafts together!

Its simple! If you are a member of one of the 22 clubs under ACF, you’re part of us! No experience is required for most clubs, but there are some that would require prior experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try—there’ll certainly be something for you.

Not a single day as part of the ACF’s Management Committee is a dull one. By stepping up to be a part of the Management Committee, you’ll be able to hone your leadership skills while making a meaningful impact on SMU’s arts and cultural scene. Regardless of your department or role, interacting with and understanding our 22 vibrant clubs, as well as leading the planning and execution of key activities, will definitely boost your personal development — not to mention the bonds and friendships you’ll forge!

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