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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Caderas Latinas


Since its establishment in 2004, SMU Caderas Latinas has been recognized as SMU’s premier salsa performance team. Considered the forerunner amongst other Tertiary salsa teams, the club is known for its adrenaline-pumped and show-stopping performances.

Freshies can look forward to becoming part of a committed team, gaining a deep appreciation of dance skills like body awareness, muscle isolation, and musicality, while participating in multiple performances. Competitive opportunities include both Singapore and abroad, as enumerated in our awards list. At the end of four years, members will have gained a wealth of experiences in performance, production, and individual expression - and most importantly, a family!


  1. Annual flagship event - BAILAMOS
    A large-scale production showcasing some of the best dance performances that local salsa teams have to offer, interwoven with a gripping storyline. Additionally, we hold annual workshops like Caderas 101, promoting salsa to the SMU undergraduate population.
  2. Una Noche Solamente
    Our club’s largest social dance event that is open to SMU students and the public. A themed night of revelry, it’s a great opportunity to interact with fun-loving dancers from all around Singapore!




Day Thursdays Saturdays
Time 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm 10:00 am to 12:30pm
Venue Gym Studio/MDL Gym Studio/ Level 7 Studio


Day Thursdays Saturdays
Time 7:30pm to 10pm 10:00am to 12:00pm
Venue Online (Zoom)



  1. SMU Excellence In Student Life Gold Award (Arts Ensemble) 2021


  1. SMU Excellence In Student Life Gold Award (Arts Ensemble) 2020
  2. SMU Student Life Awards
    SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Club) - Gold
    SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Member: Bryan Khng) - Gold
    SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Member: Abel Teo) - Bronze


  1. Indian International Dance Congress
    Champions in Open Teams Category
    First Runner up in Semi-Pro Category
    3rd Runner up in Open Teams Category
  2. Inter-Tertiary Salsa Competition
    1st Runner up
    2nd Runner up
  3. Student Life Awards
    SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Member: Zheng Han) - Bronze
    SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Member: Ker Ziyi) - Bronze



Yes, we hold auditions that uniquely includes partnerwork and individual dancing in a short and simple choreograph! - Keep a lookout for them in August/September! We welcome anyone from any background :)

"I wanted to try something new in University by way of a dance. While looking around at the various dance CCAs that SMU had to offer, I was drawn in by the small, close, tight knit batch that caderas always has and the familial vibe I got from the workshops and auditions really drew me in and I have not looked back ever since. Learning a dance form, especially one as niche as Salsa has really been fun and I highly recommend everyone to check us out as you never know if it might be the one for you. I certainly didn't expect myself to join this club as well but it truly has been the best decision I've made in SMU so far"

- Ng Jia Le, School of Business, Year 2, Member


"I was attracted by the energy given off by the performances by Caderas and was really looking forward to try something new in SMU. Joining Caderas has exposed me to the amazing latin culture and more importantly a bunch of awesome individuals who are there to support each other become their best dancers they can be. Whether seasoned or budding dancers alike, theres a place for you to grow in Caderas!"

- Anonymous


Our resident choreographers, KC & Grace, are seasoned and esteemed Salsa dancers who are among the pioneering generation of the Salsa scene in Singapore.

Not at all! Most of our dancers started off with our club - we make it a point of pride that we accept anyone who shows dedication, zeal, and team spirit!

Yes! We’re a passionate team that holds ourselves to a gold standard for every piece we perform, so dedication and hours in training is a must. However, as many of our current members will attest, this can be comfortably balanced with academics - it’s a matter of prioritisation and planning. After all, university is the last chance to try a new CCA - so don’t spend it just mugging!

We dance LA-style salsa (on 1), a vigorous and expressive partnerwork that is noted for its sharp hits and breathtaking speed. As a performance team, we further specialise in highflying tricks, with dancers spinning and presenting themselves midair as a team.

Various! From the team, you’ll learn teamwork, leadership, and gain lifelong friends. Individually - confidence, theatricality, attention to detail, and as a partnerwork dance, the ability to dance with anyone who can catch a beat anywhere in the world!

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