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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Climb Team


SMU Climb Team is focused on the creation of a climbing sporting culture. The team also focuses on promoting climb to all students regardless of experience level and encourages everyone regardless of skill or strength to join our vibrant community

Expect a training programme, a close knit community, excellent welfare and discounts at several major climbing gyms which is a universal benefit for all members.


  1. Gravical
    Singapore’s premier climbing competition as well as SMU's annual climbing competition
  2. Clamp
    Annual SMU Climbing Camp which encourages and helps members get to know each other

Reach us at!




Day Mondays Thursdays Fridays
Time 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Venue Boruda Gym


Day Tuesdays Fridays
Time 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Venue TBC


  1. SMU Gravical 2020

    Asher Gavin - 1st in Open Men 
    Vanessa Teng - 3rd in Open Women

  2. 2019 Hong Kong Bouldering Championships
    Vanessa Teng - 1st
  3. NTU Pumpfest 2019
    Iris Lee - 5th in Open Women's Finals
  4. National Schools Sports Climbing Category Championships (NSSCC) 2019
    Iris Lee - 2nd at Lead Climbing
  5. NUS Boulderactive 2019
    Paul Cheong - 2nd in Intermediate Men Finals
  6. SIM Vertigo 2019
    Asher Gavin - 1st in Legends Men 
    Vanessa Teng - 2nd in Legends Women
    Mavis Chua - 4th in Novice Women 



NO. SMU Climb Recreational team is open to all. Only the competitive team will have selections.

"I have absolutely no regrets joining SMU Climb Team- it is definitely one of the highlights of my university life. It has let me pick up a new sport and let me join a community of supportive and loving people, that I can see myself being friends with beyond university."

- Ashley Chin, Vice-president, YPHSOL, Year 2

"Honestly my first year in SMU was not what i expected. With COVID restrictions, online classes and random circuit breakers, I am super grateful to be able to be a part of SMU climb team, where I’ve made amazing friends and have spent most of my free time. A lot of people worry that climb is something that you need to be strong to get in to, but that’s really not the case! climbing is 30% strength and 70% technique, and once you do start, its pretty addictive!! Just come and try it out and we will show y’all how it works 🙂 the climber community is the most friendly one out there."

- Ethan Lie, Recreational Team Captain, SOB/SOE, Year 1


Absolutely not, climbing is actually a really easy sport for people of all strength levels to get into. Leg and Core strength are just as important as upper body strength as well!

There are three types of climbing! Bouldering, speed and lead! Bouldering uses a short wall which does not require any safety gear! Lead requires safety gear and is often the most scary but most exciting! Speed is all about racing up the wall!

Recreational trainings are free and easy! Our captains would be setting up training regimes and open gym excursions are planned for! If you plan to join the competitive team, attendance for training would be more stringent.

Currently, we do not do outdoor climbs. However, our exco is able to provide guidance if you would like to give it a try!

The community is tight across the levels! We have plenty of bonding activities, camps and training sessions for all the batches to meet and interact.

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