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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Muslim Society


SMUMS is a student-initiated organisation that aims to serve the Muslim community in SMU and society at large for the betterment of humanity. SMU Islamic Business and Finance Society (SMU IBFS) is a student-initiated wing, constituted under SMU MS, with a vision to cultivate and promote the growing interest in the fields of Islamic business, law, economics and other faculties of studies among the student population in SMU and other tertiary institutions within Singapore.

SMUMS provides the opportunity for students to explore their leadership capabilities through organising events for the student community. Members will also experience working with various Islamic leaders and organisations.


  1. LIFestyle (Learn Islam Festival)
    Today, Islam might be portrayed in a rather negative light. Hence, this event aims to share and debunk the misconceptions of the religion. 
  2. Talks
    Throughout the year, various talks will be organised, touching on different aspects of Islam. This promotes a deeper understanding of Islam and clears any doubts that one might have through the guidance of esteemed speakers. 
  3. Classes
    An avenue for students to consistently learn more about Islam under the guidance of a certified religious teacher. These classes will also help strengthen friendships and motivate one another towards consistency in religion.

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  • Da’wah Training: EXCO leaders are trained by religious teachers to share about Islam and debunk the misconceptions to the community. (Held once a year before LIFestyle)


  1. Ramadan Preparations
    In light of Ramadhan clashing with our semester this year, we managed to hold events to engage our community. This helped students in balancing their studies and their other acts of worship. We also had an Iftar Welfare Drive as a way of giving back to our community directly.
  2. EXCOllab
    Networking session with EXCO members of 5 Muslim Societies to discuss ways and methods to better engage and provide for our Muslim communities.
  3. Interfaith Event
    Conducted with other ROS clubs.
  4. SMU IBFS Instagram Giveaway
    Showcased the different Halal food options in and around school. Apart from informing the SMU Muslim community of their meal options, IBFS built rapport with these businesses, opening up opportunities for future collaborations and sponsorships.
  5. SMUMS Bookclub
    Started a community initiative to allow SMU Muslims to have a shared reading space and build friendships at the same time.



No, all are welcome to join our events! 

"SMUMS has given me an avenue to further my interests wth like-minded and supportive peers. The environment is one that welcomes discourse and there is bonding over the desire to learn more about the religion."
- J Ashish, School of Business, Year 3

"SMUMS has been instrumental in establishing a support system for myself within SMU. I have also been able to explore new aspects of myself and hone my skill in various marketing aspects as well. SMUMS is an inclusive CCA that welcomes all open-minded interested in islam or willing to try new experiences!"
- Shierin, School of Accountancy, Year 2


We organise talks every 2-3 weeks which are open to the student community and the public.

All brothers and sisters are welcome, regardless of the level of knowledge. We are all here to learn together!

LIFestyle (Learn Islam Festival) [previously called Islamic Awareness Week] is a week-long flagship event of SMUMS, which aims to debunk the common misconceptions of the negatively represented religion. It aims to reach out to the community and spread awareness on the true lifestyle of Muslims. LIFestyle typically comprised a booth where patrons could partake in activities and games related to Islam to learn more about the religion. Large-scale talks would typically be held thrice in a week on contemporary issues as well.

Anyone with an open mind and curiosity to learn about Islam is welcome!

Follow us on our Instagram pages (Muslim society → @smumsorg) or (Islamic Banking and Finance → @smuibfs). 

Drop us an email at for any further queries.

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