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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19



SMU VERTS is SMU’s official environmental sustainability club that promotes environmental responsibility and empowers individuals to do their part for the environment through exciting events and sustainable practices. We strive to promote sustainability at large and encourage the SMU population to adopt more eco-friendly habits!

These include attending eco-friendly workshops, exchanging recyclables to get sustainable products, and other hands-on activities to bond with other members and learn about your impacts on Mother Earth. Verts members can enjoy exclusive discount codes for sustainable brands and can also win prizes for different environmental challenges. 


  1. Vegan Picnic (TBD depending on COVID-19 restrictions)
    Hang out with other Verts member and share your stories and journeys
  2. Beach clean-up
    Make Singapore's beaches look nicer with us
  3. Hands-on workshops
    These include recycling drive, sustainability workshops, and many more to come!
  4. World Water Day 2023
    Look out for our next collaboration with multiple stakeholders to celebrate this international occasion in 2023 

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  1. World Water Day 2021 Talk
    We collaborated with PUB to host our World Water day 2021 talk which was covered by Mothership.
  2. 'Ex-change Your Bad Habits' 2020
    Over 170kg worth of recycles collected from almost 250 participants in just 2 days during our ‘Ex-change Your Bad Habits’ event in January 2020 where participants can exchange their recyclable items for reusables.
  3. SMU’s first ever Vegan Picnic in February 2020



No! We welcome all!

"I want to join SMU verts because I have been deeply interested in sustainable living and have been plant-based almost all my life. I even started a project where I organised workshops and wrote articles about environmental issues and sustainable living last year."

- Nandini, School of Economics, Year 1

"Last year I joined SSUD3 and I want to be a part of an eco club for the rest of my uni life! I want to meet more like-minded people and also find opportunities to make a difference in the community" :)

- Cindy. Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Year 2


Nope! There is no membership fee. To be a member, you just have to sign up, and join our events at least once a semester! 

Nope! We don’t have weekly/monthly sessions like sports CCAs since we are an event-based club. But we do have regular signature events such as Vegan Picnic that happens yearly! So do keep a lookout for these signature events! 

Firstly, you get priority for our events! Our events like Vegan Picnic and Upcycling Workshops are highly sought after but unfortunately have limited slots available. As a member, you get priority for sign ups!

Secondly, VERTS members can enjoy exclusive discount codes for sustainable brands and can also win prizes for different environmental challenges. Some of our partners include Veganburg and The Sustainability Project. 

Lastly, you build a community of sustainability-minded folks with us. The network created, the eco-tips shared over fun-filled events and the bond created while working for a common goal in mind is irreplaceable.

Unfortunately, SMU VERTS is not providing any CSP hours for our events. However, we provide educational and fun-filled eco workshops that can value-add to your knowledge on sustainability.

Currently, we don't require subcommittees for our events, so your main role is to be an advocate for sustainable causes and spread awareness within the SMU population. However, you are more than welcome to host discussions and chat sessions together with VERTS!

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