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Experience the culinary enchantment of SMU Gourmet Club. Since 2005, we ignite passion for food, foster culinary skills, and indulge in captivating workshops. From mooncake making to bento cake decorating, unleash your creativity in unique culinary experiences. Our flagship event, TGIO (Thank God It's Over), offers heavily subsidized fine dining to celebrate the year's end with elegance. Join us to unlock a world of culinary wonder, inspire your inner chef, and savor unforgettable flavors. SMU Gourmet Club: where food lovers thrive.


  1. TGIO - Thank God Its Over 
    A biannual event every semester that aims to heavily subsidise the entry cost of fine dining food for students. 





We're always looking for new members to join our family. We'll hold regular membership drives and welcome new members at each of our events. No auditions or interviews required!

"Heard of the cheesecake event last year and as a lover of cheesecake and food in general, I’m excited to get to take part in such events! Hope to be able to have good talks with fellow foodies too 🥳"

-Nicholas Tan, School of Accountancy Year 2


"I signed up to be a part of gourmet club because Im a HUGE FOODIE and always looking for the next good food in sg!"
- Anonymous



Look forward to SMU GC's exciting upcoming event, "Fuel and Flex"! Join us for a rejuvenating yoga session that will uplift your spirits, followed by a delightful culinary experience as we prepare quick and easy meals together. But that's not all! As a special treat, we will also be having a welfare giveaway exclusively for our Gourmet Club members later in the year. We can't wait to have you join us and make each event a memorable one. See you there!

SMU GC is an event-based club that brings together SMU students to experience the culinary delights that Singapore has to offer. Sign-ups for our events open two weeks before each event, so be sure to check our social media or EDMs for the latest updates!

To be a member of our club, a $10 membership fee is required. To be a member recorded in the school’s system, you will need to participate in 2 events minimally.

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