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Founded in 2006, SMU INDANCITY is SMU's official contemporary dance club. Under the guidance of artistic director Hong Guofeng and technique master Andy Benjamin Cai, the club strives to uphold high standards of technique and professionalism. Besides our annual production – BEYOND, we are also regularly involved in school performances and hold classes for the public to encourage an appreciation of the contemporary art form. Most recently, we held our internal showcase, NUANCE, where dancers were given the opportunity to choreograph their own piece under an overarching theme. At INDANCITY, we aim to nurture dancers into competent and confident individuals, able to fully express themselves through art and movement.


  1. SMU Arts Festival 2023 Premiering 9 September 2023
    A full-length production, choreographed by Hong Guofeng and Nah Jie Ying, exploring themes of posthumanism.
  2. NUANCE: What Goes On In Our Heads? (2023)
    INDANCITY’s internal showcase for student choreographers, questioning the thoughts and motivations of today’s youth.
  3. Patron’s Day (2023)
    A public event held at Campus Green to commemorate SMU's birthday, choreographed by Hong Guofeng.
  4. BEYOND: Control (2022)
    A full-length production, choreographed by Hong Guofeng and Chiew Peishan, exploring themes of power and labour.
  5. NUANCE: GENESIS (2022)
    INDANCITY’s annual internal showcase. A platform for student-choreographers to explore and perform their works.




Day Wednesdays Sundays
Time 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Venue SIS Gym Studio ACC

There will be additional rehearsals when there are performances.
Membership lasts 2 years.



Students need to audition/ interview to join SMU Indancity. Audition is required as we are seeking like-minded individuals who are passionate in contemporary dance and are able to meet the commitment level of the club.

"With SMU INDANCITY, I always look forward to the biweekly training sessions as they provide a much-needed respite from academic stress. Moreover, I have made many friends through the club who share the same passion for dance as me. Having such a close-knit community really enriches my campus life."

- Koon Tian Hui, School of Information System, Year 3

"In Contemporary dance, your teammates are just as important as the movements themselves. I am very glad and thankful to have such a team that I can share this journey on, as we all watch out for, and learn from each other. I can’t wait to add to this family!"

- Sean Chan Ying Qin, School of Social Sciences, Year 2


No dance background is required and all undergraduates regardless of year and gender are welcome. During auditions, we look out for the dancer’s potential and do not purely decide based on one’s background.

Wednesday sessions are conducted by our technique master, Andy Benjamin Cai, who focuses on training our basic jazz techniques while Sunday classes by our artistic director, Hong Guofeng, focus on contemporary movement phrases.

Upon joining SMU INDANCITY, dancers are required to commit to all the trainings for the first 2 years. Nearing performances, we will have extra rehearsals on top of our regular trainings. Hence, you can join multiple clubs as long as they don’t clash with our trainings and you are able to cope.

The trainings are done progressively to ensure safety and to support the newer dancers. If you feel you might be lacking behind, the seniors and instructors will always be ready and willing to help you!

We are a very accepting bunch, just like a family, and always ready to help anyone in need. Falling behind in school or dance? The club is always here to support you. Do not be afraid to voice out! :)

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