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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19



SMU Business Society, affectionately known as Bondue, is the student representative body of Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB). Founded in 2005, we are the largest student body amongst the six faculties in SMU.

Bondue seeks to unify SMU business students while serving their welfare, social, academic, and professional interests.

The term “Bondue” was coined when our founders were having a bonding session. That was when an idea prompted one of them with the question: “what if we named our Business Society, Bondue, which stands for Bond with You?”. Thus, that was how Bondue got its name. Over the years, the Bondue spirit kept the school body so closely knitted and, as we like to say – One Bondue, One Family.


  1. Signature events
    Bondue Camp, Slightly Scarlet, Alumni Networking Night, and Bondue Business Forum 
  2. Unique initiatives
    Range from spreading positivity within the community and promoting mindfulness practices to serve as a reminder to students on the importance of self-care, to leading sustainable change in LKCSB.




No, ALL students from Lee Kong Chian School of Business are automatically members of Bondue and are affectionately referred to as Bonduers! However, do note that all Organising Committee members are required to go through the recruitment process.

Being a part of the 17th Bondue Executive Committee gave me the opportunity to expand my professional network and create lasting friendships at SMU. Going through various Bondue events like Alumni Networking Night, Bondue Camp and Slightly Scarlet has allowed me to develop my leadership skills and form unforgettable experiences.

- Phang Yu Sheng (Sean), Corporate Relations Deputy Director, School of Business, Year 2

My experience being in Bondue’s Organising Committee for ANN 2021 was nothing short of amazing! If you’re looking to gain meaningful experiences in your University life alongside meeting new friends, Bondue is the perfect place for you regardless of which year you’re in. Countless opportunities await you once you’re in!

- Shafiqah Salil, Organising Committee Member (ANN), School of Business, Year 4


Bondue organises orientation camps annually for incoming freshmen to create lasting memories, forge new friendships and be part of the best summer experience. We also organise welfare drives twice per semester to motivate and spur our fellow Bonduers on during the school period. Just as the saying goes, the best way to everyone’s hearts is through food!

We will be having our annual philanthropic fashion show — Slightly Scarlet in September. This year, we seek to raise funds and increase awareness for our beneficiary, Singapore Association Of The Visually Handicapped. Being the first and only philanthropic fashion show in SMU, Bondue is taking a step to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Other than that, Bondue also organises events catering to the professional development of Business students - namely Alumni Networking Night and Bondue Business Forum. Business students can look forward to better preparing themselves for the workforce through the expertise and experiences shared during these events.

Organising Committee Recruitment Drives for Bondue events are conducted 3-6 months before the event. By being a part of an Organising Committee, Bonduers can look forward to planning their events, hone their leadership skills and even make new friendships! Please keep a lookout for our emailer and social media accounts for event sign-ups.

Bondue organises Know-Thy-Major (KTM) sessions each semester to allow students to find out more about each major from the respective Academic Advisor. To find out more about Business Majors, click here to find out. Do look out for your school email for our upcoming KTM Sessions!

While BONDUE and SMUSA are both student government bodies in SMU, BONDUE specifically serves Lee Kong Chian Business students (Bonduers) while SMUSA serves the entire SMU student body. Our unique events and activities are only available to our Bonduers to participate in and enjoy. As a Business student, you can look forward to events and welfare drives by both BONDUE and SMUSA!

Should you have any queries about school life as a Business student, feel free to contact Bondue at or drop us a Direct Message on our Instagram page @smubondue! We will try our best to answer your questions, and if not, we will direct you to those who can.

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