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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Marketing Society (SMARKETING)


SMARKETING is a dedicated marketing society in SMU. We are the go-to platform for students to navigate the marketing industry, spark engaging conversations, create exciting opportunities and empower future marketing leaders. You can expect various events revolving around marketing starting from company sharings, company visits, intern insights, mentorship, to networking night.

Our signature Marketing Networking Night allows SMU students to connect with marketing professionals from a wide range of industries on a massive scale. We have previously invited speakers from Google, MasterCard, Expedia, and more. Additionally, we also have a mentorship program - partnering with industry professionals - to help our members excel academically, gain insights into the marketing industry and develop their interpersonal skills. At SMARKETING, we always put the welfare of our members first. Every year, we organise welfare drives to share our love and support to our members. 

We are honoured to invite all SMARKETING members to attend all our events and let us guide you through the multi-faceted nature of the marketing world! Sign up as a member today (link in FAQ!) to gain access to our member-exclusive events. Be sure to look out for the sign-up links to our events in your email or our telegram channel!


  1. Marketing Networking Night
    Members can take this opportunity to connect and network with professionals from various industries in the marketing field, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the marketing field and connect with other like-minded individuals
  2. Mentorship program
    This is a semester-long mentoring program, where members pair up with professionals from various industries in the marketing field, to learn tips and receive support in navigating the marketing field.
  3. Company talks & visits
    Members will get access to exclusive company visits and sharings where they can learn first-hand about various companies' work culture and marketing practices.





"I am interested to take marketing as my major and I hope that by joining SMARKETING, I would gain a better understanding of the marketing industry and meet like-minded peers."

- Chow Xuan Rong Nicole, School of Business Year 2

"I want to explore business majors through clubs! I am interested to know more about marketing as I think marketing is all around us :)"

- Florence Nathania Liharja, School of Business Year 1 


No, you do not need to have a marketing major. We welcome students from all SMU schools and majors.

Members are free to join any events that they are interested in. Keep a lookout for our upcoming events via email, our Telegram channel and social media.

You may reach out to Professor Seshan Ramaswami (our club's advisor) for marketing advice relating to your career, or if you are planning to major in marketing.

Rama’s Email:

Yes. Membership will be recorded in your Interim Co-curricular (CCA) transcript which can be found in the Student Life Management System (SLiMS) / Anthology Portfolio.

Sign up via the link down below. The sign-up fee is $12 for a lifetime exclusive access to all SMARKETING events.

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