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The SMU Law Society is the student representative body of the Singapore Management University School of Law. Also known as The Bar, our committee works to serve the interests and well-being of the SMU Law community.


  1. Welfare Drives
    Providing welfare to law students during the semester to make their student lives more bearable.
  2. CNY
    Ushering the new (Chinese) year as a school with booths, games and prizes to be won!
  3. Valentines Day
    Who says law kids have no time for a relationship. We set up booth, activities and fun stuff for both single and attached Law kids!
  4. Kopi Run
    To fuel the caffeine addition of the kids in Law.




Interviews will be held during the semester.



We organise both academic and non-academic events for the Law student body, hoping to enrich the student body academically, professionally, and holistically.

Summer Events includes Law Graduation Night, Law Camp, Law Bash, Kickstarter and Mentorship. No, we provide assistance to the organising members of the events but there will be separate interviews held for the summer events teams.

There are 7 in total - Professional, Academic, Events, Public Relations, Marketing, Finance, and General Secretary.

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