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To provide a platform for students to relax and mingle. To teach and spread the joy of fishing. To promote sustainable fishing through catch-and-release techniques.

From friendly chatter to frying your fish in batter, Fishing is a club that synthesises the thrill and zen in us. At SMURF, we enjoy the peace and serenity in what we do and forge unbreakable bonds deriving from our thrill and accomplishments.


SMURF has a variety of events held monthly. There’s definitely something for everyone.




Students do not need to audition/interview to join Recreational Fishing. To join the club, you can simply join our telegram group chat and look out for announcements regarding events. Then, instructions on how to join the events will be disseminated in the telegram messages directly.

"As a beginner, I did not know what to expect for fishing. Little did I know that fishing is more than just a leisure sport. I gained so many meaningful perspectives through my interactions with the people in the club during the events. I also look forward to the adrenaline rush whenever a fish or prawn gets hooked! Thank you SMURF for constantly being so patient in teaching me the fishing and prawning techniques at the events! - Hagen Phia, LKCSB Year 3"

Hagen Phia, HGS, Year 3

In Y1, I joined SMU Fishing as an Events Executive. Not only was I able to engage in my hobby, I was able to develop close friendships with like-minded individuals and even went on personal fishing trips with them. Having gained so much from the club, I decided to run for President to spread the love for fishing.

Lim Jia Wei, President, SOB Year 3


At SMURF, there is always something for everyone. We have prawning (easy), jetty fishing (normal) and boat fishing (hard). We also have workshops such as knot tying ones to guide you. Furthermore, in all our events, there will always be 2 exco members present to assist participants and address any enquiries. So rest assured, all interested participants, beginners and professionals alike can look forward to having a fun and engaging time!

All required equipment will be provided by the club. All you need is a willing heart and a positive attitude, and you can get ready to have a blast at our events!

Being our SMURF member provides you with close guidance, opportunities to merchandise giveaways, as well as events subsidy (lower prices than public members). Furthermore, you can look forward to meeting SMU students from all walks of life and forge more friendships! 

We aim to have at least 2 events monthly to ensure a variety of fishing and prawning events for our members at different locations.

While there are definitely some risks involved in all activities, the risks involved in fishing are very minimal. Some plausible risks involved include being scratched by the hook or the sharp edges of the prawns or fishes. Not to worry, official safety instructions, precautions and measures will be in place to safeguard our participant’s welfare and safety. Additionally, there will always be 2 allocated exco members on site at our events with a first-aid kit on standby. All necessary precautions and emergency response will be prepared before each event.

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