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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19



SOSCIETY is the student representative body of the School of Social Sciences (SOSS). 

Founded in 2004, SOSCIETY aims to inspire and unite students together to reach ambitions and hopes for the greater society. Founded on the ideals of fraternity and harmony, SOSCIETY has made a name for itself in cultivating a strong Social Sciences community in SMU and as a conduit for the interaction of all Social Sciences students - past, present, and future.

Join us and be part of a family that is extremely motivated and passionate to serve the school. We plan for events that cover a wide spectrum of student life, from social, community service, academic and alumni networking.


  1. Welfare drives
    SOSCIETY holds free welfare drives twice a year in the form of foodstuffs and beverages to encourage SOSS students during critical periods. Each welfare drive is carefully thought out, to ensure that the student body receives the support they need. 
  2. SOSS Freshmen Orientation

    SOSCIETY Camp is an orientation camp to welcome incoming Social Sciences freshmen into the SOSS family. With fun games and friendly facilitators, the 3 days is the perfect opportunity to foster lasting bonds with fellow Social Science students.

    Raising Awareness Talks: Raising Awareness is a sharing by external organizations to impart knowledge on Singapore’s social issues. SMU students gain the opportunity to learn more about the issue and find opportunities to help the vulnerable.

Reach us at!



Day Third Friday of the Month
Venue SMU School of Social Sciences/SMU School of Information Systems
Time 4:00 - 6:00 PM



No, however an interview is required to get into the club as an associate. The interview to be able to get to know the individual and their interests as to why they want to be a part of SOSCIETY. 

If students are interested in taking up a leadership role in SOSCIETY and be part of the management committee, students can participate in the elections where they will be brought through a process of campaigning, voting, and internal elections to vote on their office positions.

"Being in SOSCIETY has been a great time working with like-minded people who are dedicated to serve the Social Sciences students. But it is not just all work and no play, where we do fun bonding activities such as game nights planned out in the summer break to do together.”

Joshua Yuen, Professional Development and Academic department Associate, School of Social Sciences, Year 3

“In this community of like-minded individuals, we strive to do our best in serving the student body while curating a warm and inclusive space for everyone. Our motivation to put in our utmost effort is rooted in our passion to empower and give back to our SOSS family.”

Shraddha Kaul, Events Department Associate, School of Social Sciences, Year 2 


There are six departments to choose from – Events, Community Service, Professional Development and Academic, Public Relations, Finance, and Marketing. There are also the roles of President, Vice President, and Honorary General Secretary.

The SOSCIETY committee serves the student population by representing students’ interest before various school officers. We identify students’ key needs in their university life and strive to provide support. Finally, we strive to cultivate a close-knit Social Science student community through events such as Freshmen Orientation Camps, Welfare Drives and many more!

All SOSS students are automatically members of SOSCIETY. However, if you want to play a leading role in influencing student life in SOSS, do look out for our management committee and associate recruitment!

You can email us at or stay updated with our social media pages at

Yes, you can! We are always supportive of our members who wish to pursue their other interests!

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