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SMU Woori Sayi was established with the aim of promoting and inculcating a love for Korean Culture through fun-filled events that feature Korean games, food, pop culture, drama, history, and more!

You can expect to learn more about the Korean culture, develop an appreciation for it, and most importantly, have fun and make like-minded friends while you’re at it!


  1. Running Man Camp
    Running Man Camp is an exhilarating event where teams battle each other through a series of games inspired by the popular variety show Running Man! Only one team can emerge as the winner and take home a variety of attractive prizes!
  2. Woori Day
    Woori Day is an exciting event where participants experience the Korean culture through various K-pop, K-drama, and K-variety games while enjoying scrumptious Korean food!

Other events previously held include Squid Game Day, a thrilling event inspired by the popular Netflix series, where a lucky winner walked away with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro! We also held online Instagram challenges such as the Korean Mukbang Challenge and Woori White Day, where participants shared about delicious Korean cuisine and their loved ones on their Instagram stories to win popular Korean goodies!





Our club is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Korean culture! 😊

Simply fill up our form here to be a Woori Sayi member and join our telegram group here to stay updated on our latest events!

"Woori Sayi has allowed me to explore different aspects of Korean culture, including K-pop, traditional Korean culture, Korean food, and more. I also get to interact with fellow students who share the same interest in Korean culture, and the different events that we hold throughout the semester makes me excited as it is always a fun time when we get to execute our events."


- Zhi Yu, Honorary General Secretary, SOE Year 1

"By planning events for Woori Sayi, I tried my best to share the knowledge of different aspects of the Korean culture such as the korean history, its food culture and K-POP to our fellow schoolmates. More importantly, my experience as a EXCO member helped me forge some of the most important friendships in SMU."


- Rachael, Events Director, SOSS Year 2


Woori Sayi organises different games and activities every year. Some of our past events include Woori Day (a carnival-style event to try out Korean mini-games and food), Woori Hunt (an online mystery game where participants solved different puzzles), Pepero Day (where participants dedicated gift packs to their loved ones), Woori Hangeul (a Korean language class), Woori Dance (a K-Pop dance class), and Running Man Camp.

No, we are an events-based club hence there are no regular meetings for members.

No, attendance is not compulsory and our events are typically open to the entire SMU student community. You may sign up for any event that interests you! 😊

Woori Sayi members will receive priority sign-ups for our events that have potentially limited slots. Additionally, being a member allows you to qualify to run for key positions in the Woori Sayi EXCO, namely the President and the Honorary Finance Secretary.

We will begin our recruitment for the 16th Woori Sayi EXCO soon! Do keep a lookout for the sign-up link in our Telegram channel!

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