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Al Khaleej aims to share more about Middle Eastern culture with the SMU Community through fun, unique and engaging experiences. Through meaningful and interactive events, we spread the joy of the desert lands in SMU!


  1. Henna Workshop
    Create beautiful and intricate Henna designs with us!
  2. Meet Us in the Middle (East)!
     An interactive online adventure with fun quizzes and puzzles! 
  3.  Belly-dancing Workshop
     Have fun and work-out all at once at our Belly-dancing workshop!
  4. Arab Food Trail
    We bring students from SMU on an Arab food adventure!
  5. Tarhib Alshaay! (Welcome Tea)
    A back-to-school tea party with music, food and conversations!





Students do not need to audition to join the club, as we are a group of students that hopes to share a piece of culture with people of other backgrounds. Just be open-minded and curious about the Middle East.

"Being part of the Al Khaleej ExCo has been a very fruitful journey for me. I really enjoyed learning more about the diverse Middle Eastern culture through the various events we have organized, and more importantly, meeting new friends!"

– Teng Xin Yi, Marketing director Year 3, 2021

"I met peers who share the same interests as me and this gave an opportunity to form friendships with people whom I might not have met in my classes. With that, I am also able to get involved with the campus life, especially since SMU is a city campus."

- Nur Khalisah Binti Ohrallayali, Year 3, 2021


The club is for anyone and everyone interested in learning more about Middle Eastern culture. Race or ethnicity is definitely not a consideration at all so not to worry! Our Executive Committee consists of people from different nationalities.

You can become a member by joining one of our events during the semester! You can also reach out to us on our club email - alkhaleej@sa.smu.edu.sg and we can send you a link! Join our Telegram Channel to know more: https://t.me/+Nz7xVgS0IdM3Y2I1. 


Look out for our Executive Committee recruitment happening soon! You don’t need to know Middle Eastern Culture well - just come with an open mind and willing heart!

Depending on the number of events we plan to organise each semester, we will meet up 4-5 times virtually or physically to discuss the execution of our events each semester.

We are most active on our Telegram (https://t.me/+Nz7xVgS0IdM3Y2I1) and Instagram, (@smualkhaleej). Through these avenues you can learn all about what we do as a club and some of our club events that are coming up soon! Feel free to send us a DM for any query you might have. You can reach out to us at any time through our e-mail, alkhaleej@sa.smu.edu.sg!

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