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SMUAI aims to be a platform for all students to be exposed to various AI topics through our internal events, regardless of their level of expertise. 

By joining SMUAI, members will gain access to events such as technical workshops to introduce the necessary AI skills to those who are new to AI. At the same time, SMUAI also provides members well-versed in AI with opportunities to compete in our competitive hackathon team — SMUAI Avenirs.


  1. Technical Workshops
    SMUAI members can join our technical workshops, partnered with startups and companies which utilise AI in their operations, to pick up the essential AI programming skills or knowledge they need to excel in their future applications.
  2. Game Show & Networking Session
    Puts participants’ knowledge of AI-tools and uses to test, and their abilities to use these tools through a game show. Participants will also come to know about various internship opportunities shared by our partners during the networking session. 
  3. SMUAI Avenirs
    Provides SMUAI members with an avenue to utilise their skill sets and challenge themselves in a competitive environment. By the end of the Avenir Programme, members will be equipped with the necessary industry-level certification(s).




"Joining SMUAI has been a rewarding experience. By engaging industry professionals and like-minded peers, I couldn't ask for a better start to my career in AI and technology."

– Jeremy Ang, Partnership Lead 19/20, School of economics, Alumni

"SmuAI has helped me to shape my entrepreneurial mindset as it opens my perspective to innovative technologies and showed me how AI can be used by the myriad of different members of our society. I believe this familiarity with AI use cases will allow me to stay relevant and competitive."

– Johnathan Tan, Programs Lead 19/20, School of Information System, Year 4


Students can sign up to be an SMUAI member for lifetime and participate in our workshops, and internal events.


No coding experience is required as we will break down the fundamentals into bite-sized pieces of information, and provide the necessary documents for you to follow through!

You will get opportunities to meet and network with the companies we have partnered up with and learn more about AI through our technical workshops or choose to put your AI skills to test by participating in SMUAI Avenirs’ Team.

Sign up to be an SMUAI member for lifetime and participate in our workshops, and internal events.

No, instead our merchandise will be given to members who sign up with a 15 SGD lifetime membership fee. 

Become our member and earn certifications through our technical workshops conducted in partnership with the exclusive companies we work with.

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