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SMU OBHR Society Cover
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
SMU OBHR Society Cover
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources Society (OBHR)


Established in 2009, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources (OBHR) Society is a student -led club in Singapore Management University (SMU) comprising students who are passionate about OBHR and growing its community. OBHR Society hopes to create a network of people for people and establish a quadripartite relationship with various relevant constituencies – students, faculty, alumni, and practitioners – by being a relevant intermediary, and by organising and executing events for the OBHR community. 

Our values and objectives include:

  • Serve fundamentally as the voice of OBHR students to SMU Administrative and Faculty communities. 
  • Create and maintain strong ties with relevant constituencies to benefit the student community. 
  • Organize networking events and activities to promote OBHR as a major and foster closer bonds among OBHR students.
  • Provide a platform for peer mentoring and guidance for students interested in OBHR as a major and future career path. 


  1. Alumni Networking Night (ANN)
  2. NTUC Mentorship Session
  3. Inter-Tertiary Human Resource Symposium (IHRS)
  4. Vivace



  1. 4th National Human Resource Case Competition (Team Connect)
  2. Inter-Tertiary Human Resource Symposium (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)



"OBHR Society was nothing short of amazing. It was a safe space to not just create events for the HR student body but to go through the uni life together. Joining OBHR Society was no doubt a great platform that have enabled me a holistic university experience and a greater understanding of the different aspect of HR."

 - Vanice Chow, School of Business, Year 4

"Joining OBHR Society had been an extremely rewarding experience; it broadened my understanding of the field and the possible career opportunities, provided opportunities to learn from HR professionals across different industries, and most importantly, enabled me to connect with like-minded peers in school and develop a strong support system together."

- Tay Kai Hong, School of Business, Graduate


The OBHR core modules are Human Capital Management & Negotiation and Conflict Management, some electives include Mosaic of Leadership, Compensation and Benefits.

There are 2 aspects of the major itself: OB (Organisational Behaviour) and HR (Human Resources). You get to select from a basket of electives, and you can choose to select and specialise in either one or a mixture of both. Essentially, it is still a single major.

As a member, you would be able to receive first-hand information on our events and internships. You would also be eligible for welfare drives that may be held throughout the year.

There is no need to become an OBHR Major to join the society or participate in any of our events. Membership is free as well!

Nope, there are no weekly commitment for normal members, the only commitment is to come for an event if you have signed up for it.

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