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SMU Peer Helpers is a student body made up of caring individuals who are passionate about becoming better supporters to our peers. The SMU Peer Helping Initiative was started in 2004 and was Singapore’s first and only formal peer helping programme for the education sector.

We work closely with the professional counsellors of Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre to improve the well-being of the student community.

While Peer Helpers are not professional counsellors, we serve as a bridge between the Wellness Centre and the SMU community to promote better mental well-being and a supportive community for all.


  1. Outreach

    Details: TBC

    To support our student community in their SMU journey, SMU Peer Helpers organises two community events each semester targeted at students, known as outreach events. 

    Our main outreach events include welfare events packed with sweet treats to give students a boost from their stressful weeks, to meaningful workshops that invite students to learn more about themselves and encourage self-care! 

  2. External workshops

    Details: TBC

    Each semester, we partner with external organisations to conduct workshops for youths in Singapore. With topics centred around mental well-being and peer helping skills, we aim to equip youths with the expertise and knowledge so they can in turn support the people they love and care for. These workshops also spread the importance of self care!

  3. Internal Bonding Sessions

    Details: TBC

    While we try our best to support our student community, SMU Peer Helpers also place great emphasis on bonding as a PHamily!

    SMU Peer Helpers conducts bi-weekly internal bonding sessions in the form of after-training activities for members to relax and get to know each other better. Our own members plan activities that vary every semester, all of which add to the vibrant SMU Peer Helper culture.




  Member Associate
Day Fridays
Time 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm


  1. Successfully organised a peer-helping workshop for SMUSA members and SOSCIETY students in March 2023  
  2. Held the Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for schools in 2020 
  3. Awarded the Certificate of Commendation for SMU’s University Student Life Awards 2023 



Students do not need to go through an interview to join the Peer Helper Associate Program.

However, if you wish to become a PH member after the PHA program, there would be a selection interview to determine your suitability.

"Peer Helper has helped me open up to new experiences, meet good buddies that made my uni life fun and gave me the opportunity to contribute to the SMU community. It is more like a family than a CCA!"

- Phua Pei Wen, Peer Helper, School of Social Sciences, Year 4

"Through PH, I have learnt how to better support the people around me, and I have been equipped with the skills to make a meaningful impact. We were also taught the importance of self-care. Being a part of this community full of wholesome individuals will definitely improve anyone's university experience."

- Ooi Wei Ming, Peer Helper, School of Social Sciences, Year 3


The PHA program is a 4-week-long program that teaches you the basic peer helping skills. Before applying to become a PH member, all applicants will have to go through one semester of PHA training to acquire the necessary skills to serve as a PH member. At the end of the PHA program, there will be a selection process to determine if applicants are suitable to join the PH family.

For the PHA programme, training will be conducted by counsellors from the Wellness Centre.

For PH members, training will be conducted by both counsellors & and external trainers from organizations like Silver Ribbon & Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).


As Peer Helpers, we aim to support our peers. Every Peer Helper undergoes weekly training every Friday, and learns valuable listening and conversational skills so that we can be better equipped with the necessary skills to help our peers. During our training, we also take part in role playing sessions to practise and refine the skills taught.

Peer Helpers also take on departmental duties, depending on what departments they choose to join. This can range from planning outreach events to improve the student population’s awareness about mental health issues, to designing fun games to help club members forge closer bonds.

Moreover, Peer Helpers help to manage Cosy Haven, a comfortable refuge for SMU students to destress and relax. Through weekly Cosy Haven duties, Peer Helpers strive to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, so that students can find respite from their problems and difficulties. If necessary, Peer Helpers also serve as a listening ear to students who might be facing challenges.

When you join the Peer Helper Associate program, you will go through weekly training every Friday, from 3.30pm to 5.30pm for 4 weeks during the school term, Weeks 4 to 7. You will also have a 1.5-hour mentoring session at Cosy Haven every week.


You can choose to walk in to Cosy Haven and find a friendly Peer Helper ready to assist you. You can also DM us on Instagram/Facebook or write to us through email ( if Cosy Haven is closed.

Cosy Haven Opening Hours:
(Cosy Haven is only open during weeks 3 to 7, and 9 to 13 during the school semester.)
Mon to Thu: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Fri: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Weekends/Public Holidays: Closed


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