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Vision - An SMU where future generations are better than the last.
Mission - Fostering a community driven by purpose, through mentoring.

At The Mentoring Circle (TMC), we aim to transform outstanding individuals into strong people builders. Founded on the principles of giving and professional excellence, our club envisions an SMU where future generations are consistently better than the last.

In each circle, each mentee will be able to grow under the guidance of a mentor, seeking advice in areas such as academics and career. This mentorship journey will be the start of a long lasting and symbiotic friendship, where both the mentor and mentee will learn together. Mentees and mentors will also have the opportunity to interact with other members from the Circle and as well as our alumni.

With each Circle, our mentoring reach expands and new bonds are formed. We hope that through this endeavour, SMU can become a nexus for mentorship. The Mentoring Circle is proudly supported by the SMU Office of Alumni Relations.


  1. Odyssey 2023
    Our flagship event, Odyssey, takes place every February. Odyssey is SMU’s largest mentoring event for the student body.
  2. Professional Workshops
    Speakers and trainers with relevant professional experiences are invited to share their knowledge with the club members. 
  3. Alumni Sharing
    Alumni who graduated from SMU are invited back as speakers to impart some of their experiences with the club.
  4. Other Events: Family Dinner, Union Day, Broadening Horizon




  • Attend TMC events and initiate regular meet-ups with mentors & mentees within the club


  1. Won Gold at the 2020 Council for the Advancement & Support of Education (CASE) Circle of Excellence Awards
    TMC led SMU to achieve gold for the Student Advancement and Student-led Engagement Initiatives Category, out of 2,752 entries submitted by 587 member institutions across 28 countries. This recognises TMC for its efforts to drive alumni engagement.
  2. Conceptualised and hosted Odyssey, SMU’s largest networking event
    Included distinguished VIP speakers comprising of C-Suite Executives, Partners and Directors from LinkedIn, Bain & Company, Amazon Web Services, Golden Gate Ventures, EY-Parthenon, L’Oreal, Bank of Singapore, Mcdonald’s, SAP and many others.


"I came in lost, confused, and aimless. But I found support, I found friends, and I found a community. Some describe TMC as a student club or a CCA, but to me, TMC is my community, and I am blessed to have benefitted so much from being a part of the club."

- Ryan Tan, LKCSB Year 2 Mentee

"Being a mentee in TMC has helped me to forge close friendships with like-minded individuals, find my own path and developed me as a person. Through TMC, I am glad to have found a mentor, a friend and a community of encouraging and helpful human beings that I will always be tremendously grateful for."

- Shuxiang Lin, LKCSB Year 2 Mentee


Students need to go through a selection process to join The Mentoring Circle. The selection process consists of an online application screening, followed by an interview to understand more about your interest in joining us and lastly a group interview for us to get to know you better and for you to understand more about TMC.


Firstly, you will get a myriad of opportunities to meet seniors and peers from various fields and industries, who will guide you throughout your SMU journey so that you can make more informed choices; As a mentee, you will get experienced seniors to guide you, and as a mentor, you will be given the opportunity to help your juniors assimilate into university and give them advice. Secondly, you will be given priority access to our events, to network with industry professionals and hear from alumni about their first hand experiences. Last and most importantly, you will have a family in SMU who will always support you!

Mentor-mentee pairings are assigned based on several factors such as preferred industry, personality, common interests, and personal preference of mentor. Hence, it is alright to be unsure about your preferred industry, we will assign you a mentor who seems to be aligned with your passion!

TMC is an events-based club, hence we do not have a fixed day where we meet. We gather during events (Family Day, Union Day, Broadening Horizons, Odyssey etc), coffee chats and TMC Academy. These activities allow our members to bond and find peers who share similar interests. Furthermore, we strongly encourage mentees to get involved in helping to organise our bigger events such as Odyssey, SMU’s largest networking event, and interact with other like-minded peers. Most importantly, we believe that for a mentee to have a fruitful journey in TMC, active participation in the mentor-mentee relationship is required. The Executive Committee highly encourages mentees to attend a minimum of 2 club events or meet-ups every month.

No, you don’t need to have specific skill sets to join TMC. Everyone is welcomed, as long as you have the passion to learn and give back to the community.

The selection process consists of an online application screening, followed by an interview to understand more about your interest in joining us and lastly a group interview for us to get to know you better and for you to understand more about TMC.

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