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We are a Cultural Club under ICON, spreading love and appreciation for the culture, food, sports, people, fashion and history of France through our events.

When you join Francophiles you can expect to discover French culture through fun activities while you bond with people from diverse backgrounds within the SMU Community.

You will also get a chance to pick up a new language, through our language lessons and learn more about the widely appreciated French cuisine and comfort food, through our workshops.

Moving forward, Francophiles strives to engage SMU students in action-packed yet authentic events that make them feel as though they are halfway across the world, in France.

Francophiles was born when a group of students who were studying French as an elective at SMU thought of forming a group for like-minded students who wanted to cultivate a deeper understanding of the French and European Culture in the SMU Community.

Key Events

  1. French Language Classes
  2. Baking Workshops
  3. Movie Nights
  4. The Masquerade Ball





Students do not need to interview to join our club.  Just sign up for our events through the links in our EDMs and sign up to be a member through the Google Form we will be sending via email!

“I have made some really nice friends and learnt some great skills being a member of Francophiles. P.S. I now make the best Macarons thanks to the Baking Workshops!” 

- Cheryl Lim, Member, Year 3 SOB Student

“Francophiles’ Events actually make me forget that I'm still studying in Asia. The French experience Francophiles strives to create is truly authentic.”

-  Rishika Gupta, Member, Year 4 SOB Student


The only requirement to be a Francophiles member is love for French culture! If you are eager to learn more about French language, cuisine and culture, we assure you that you will love our events too! P.S…you do not need to know how to speak in French to attend our events.

About 2-3 every semester, we usually have at least 1 big scale event (such as the Baking Workshop, or Masquerade Ball) and 2 medium to small scale events (like a Movie Night, or Language Classes).

No prior experience is required! You can be a complete beginner, because the lessons we teach in SMU Francophiles will start from the basics and up!

You can look out for emails from Francophiles to be updated about our upcoming events. We also frequently post about our upcoming events on our Instagram page so do check that out.

The process is fairly simple, you can apply to be a member of the Executive Committee of Francophiles via the recruitment emails that are sent out to students during the semester. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to the current Executive Committee through email.

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