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SMU Table Tennis is all about having a fun and fulfilling university experience through the love and passion of table tennis.

SMU Table Tennis welcomes students from all walks of life and all proficiency levels. From casual players in our recreational team whose aim is to destress and relax, to our more dedicated and committed players in our core team who represent us in competitions. Aren’t we all here to learn and grow?


  1. Singapore University Games
  2. Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games








11:00 am to 1:00 pm


SMU Multi-Purpose Sports Hall


Day Fridays
Time 7:00 am to 10:00 am
Venue SMU Multi-Purpose Sports Hall


Day Sundays
Time 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Venue SMU Multi-Purpose Sports Hall


  1. 2023 Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games (IVP)
    Men's Team: 1st Runners Up
    Women's Team: Champion
  2. 2022/2023 Singapore University Games (SUniG)
    Men's Team: 2nd Runners Up
    Women's Team: 1st Runners Up
  3. 2022 Singapore University Games (SUniG)
    Men's Team: 2nd Runners Up
    Women's Team: Champions
  4. 2019 Singapore University Games (SUniG)
    Men's Team: 2nd Runners Up



Students do not need to audition to join us, we welcome all students who are interested and have a passion for table tennis!

"SMU TT is a band of brothers and sisters to me, a family who came together to set up a club through our love for the sport. I hope for more and more fellow SMU students to join and help this family grow. To me, it truly is a place where we can toss aside all our academic stress and just banter around with one another."

- Ryan Goh, Y3 School of Economics

"SMU TT is finally back and we are here to stay! We definitely train hard and play even harder:)) I hope that through the tough times of training together and the fun memories we build we will be create a place we can call home!"

- Melson Teo, Y3 SOE



Yes! Training is open to ALL students of ALL levels of play. We will be coaching and guiding you throughout and hopefully you’ll come to love table tennis as much as we do!

Should you like a little more competition, we would like to invite you to join our core team. SMU TT Core Team requires commitment to training as they represent SMU in national competitions.

Head on down to our IG Page for the link to our telegram group chat. We will be posting regular updates on our trainings there.

Trainings are on Thursdays 11am-1pm, Fridays 7am-10am and Sundays 11am-2pm at the SMU Administration Building Level 3 Multi-Purpose Sports Hall.

No! As stated in FAQ 1, everybody can join SMU TT and we will be helping you improve your skills during trainings.

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