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Uni-Y is a community that stands to champion and develop youth to be counted as independent and effective contributors to an inclusive society. As a community, we serve both local and international communities through various volunteering programmes and initiatives for underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, youth mental wellness, and the migrant worker community.

A strong foundational platform for university youth to grow in both tangible and intangible skills, and be raised as a generation of leaders can be expected. As a CCA with YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) of Singapore as its parent organisation, we believe that youth can also use this platform to put their faith into action through servant leadership. Skills-building such as peer mentoring, facilitation, and first aid training will be incorporated to empower each member in the CCA.


  1. Community Service Projects (CSPs)
    e.g. Yokefellow, Y Craft It!, Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP), Readability

  2. International Service Programmes (ISPs)
    e.g. Project Enreach (Vietnam)

  3. Other Events
    e.g. #Shareyoursmile Encouragement Drive, Welcome Tea, #ProjectYOU (Mental Wellness Initiative)



Day Second Tuesday of every month
Time 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Venue SMU Classroom/Seminar Room


  1. 2022 SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Club), Special Interest - Gold
  2. 2021 SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Club), Special Interest – Gold
  3. 2020 SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Club), Special Interest - Gold
  4. 2020 SICS Excellence Club Award
  5. 2019 SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Club), Special Interest - Silver
  6. 2019 SICS Excellence Club Award



Students do not need to audition/interview to join Uni-Y.

Instead, for each CSP, you will be required to commit to a certain number of sessions.

Do look out for our email(s) if you are interested to join one of our CSPs, as well as participate in our events or be a member of the exco.

"After experiencing Y-Tutor and seeing how the kids benefitted from this programme, it spurred me to contribute back to the community and do more to reach out to other beneficiaries. Hence, I felt that Uni-Y would be a great platform for me to achieve this personal goal."

- Pearlina Cheng Yoke Leng, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Year 2

"I choose to sign up for Uni-Y because I participated in Y Craft It! during the summer break and I felt that I had a good time. Hence I would like to continue my journey and involvement in more Uni-Y projects!"

- Lam Kai Yi, Year 2, School of Economics


We work closely with underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, youth mental wellness, and the migrant worker community.

  • Be a volunteer – take part in our local and/or international service programmes as a volunteer 
  • Be a member – join us as a member to not only serve as a volunteer, but have access to membership perks
  • Be a subcommittee member – be involved in planning our programmes alongside the executive committee
  • Be an executive committee member – serve a year leading your own team and plan our programmes

For local community service projects, we have the following:

  • Yokefellow – Project Yokefellow aims to increase awareness and break the negative stigmas revolving around the migrant workers to our volunteers. Also, we aim to engage the migrant workers through carefully curated programmes and befriending.
  • Y Craft It! – Serve the underprivileged children and nurture young lives through arts and craft. Through intentional mentoring, we hope to inspire the children to dream bigger and pursue their dreams, while working hard for their studies!
  • Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP) – VaSSP is a programme that seeks to equip youths with soft skills that will help increase their employability. Volunteers will be assisting YMCA in carrying out the programmes to empower and develop youths. employability and integrate them into the workforce.

  • Readability – Readability aims to support children's development by improving their literacy skills through guided reading together with volunteers.

For international community service projects, we have the following:

  • Project Enreach – Serves the overseas community in Ben Tre, Vietnam through conducting educational lessons such as hygiene, conversational English, as well as providing support and assistance for the construction works to enhance their quality of life


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