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Ellipsis is the student body of SMU School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS). We serve and care for our community with initiatives that focus on engagement, holistic development and fostering a shared sense of identity. We aim to maintain a united SCIS community with a fulfilling student life and opportunities for holistic growth for all SCIS undergraduates.


  1. Professional Development Events
    University means being on the lookout to improve yourselves and career opportunities. We aim to enrich the experiences and portfolio of our undergraduates by organising various events such as Networking Sessions and Major Talks.
  2. Welfare Drives
    Everybody needs a little pick me up now and then, and Ellipsis holds a number of Welfare Drives throughout the year to help push our students on. Examples include the Valentine's Day Welfare Drive and Finals Welfare!
  3. Academic Events
    School is hard and Ellipsis is here to help you through that! We have a series of Tech Workshops that go through the content being taught in classes and initiatives such as Coders Assembly, a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for your programming modules. 





There will be a short interview for us to get to know you better!

"If you are looking to make new friends, make a change with like-minded people and pick up a myriad of soft skills. I would strongly encourage you to join Ellipsis. Looking back, joining ellipsis is undoubtedly one most rewarding experiences in my 4 years in SCIS"

- Patrick Lim, Vice-President of the 14th Ellipsis Committee, School of Computing and Information Systems, Graduate

"Through Ellipsis, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know & become friends with some very incredible people! Regardless of what we’re working on, it’s always a fun time and I’ve truly enjoyed all the different experiences I’ve had. Apart from making new friends, I’ve also learnt a ton over the past term & it has been a great experience thus far!"

- Sanchana, Professional Development Executive of the 17th Ellipsis Committee, School of Computing and Information Systems, Year 2


We will be hosting a recruitment drive in the later part of the semester. Keep a lookout for our emails and Telegram blasts!

You will be able to work with industry partners and represent Ellipsis during company events, which can further develop your interpersonal communication skills while expanding your network circle. Not to forget the forging of new friendships and finding a new family in school!

We look for people who are forward-looking and have a passion to serve and care for the people around them.

Ellipsis members are expected to help out at all Ellipsis events and attend monthly meetings to receive updates from all departments. While the quantity may seem daunting, we can promise that you will still have time to participate in other CCA(s) and study!

It is a one year commitment, from January to December.

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