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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU SoundFoundry


SoundFoundry is a CCA for people with a passion for music. Our members are exposed to a myriad of music-related activities, including but not limited to: instrument techniques, recording, production and band dynamic techniques. Members can form bands and perform through various channels, such as through internal recordings and productions, school-wide events, and even external gigs sourced by the CCA. 

Our CCA provides both quality musical training for our members and the freedom and creativity to make their own music. Despite the pandemic, the EXCO frequently sources for performance and recording opportunities to allow SoundFoundry members to perform, as well as take ownership for their musical growth. Students eager to join can expect to be challenged musically and grow as a musician in a welcoming and open-minded community.


  1. Starry Nite
    An annual SoundFoundry campus-wide concert featuring our very own bands. As an end-of-semester celebration, Starry Nite has evolved to become an indispensable part of SMU student life.
  2. Annual Production: MicDrop! 2022
    An annual concert featuring homegrown talents collaborating with mentors in the music industry, focusing mainly on originals.
  3. Amplify Camp
    A music-centric camp for freshmen held at the beginning of the school year aimed to act as a launching pad for students to explore their musical journey in SMU.



Day  Thursdays 


8:00 pm to 10:00 pm 
Venue TBC

SMU SoundFoundry has compulsory engagement sessions for all new members joining our club and this will last through one year (2 academic semesters). These sessions happen every Thursday night from 8-10pm in an SR, and they will be in the form of masterclasses touching on topics such as music theory and band dynamics. New members are expected to turn up for each class spanning a total of 8-10 sessions during the school term.  Events such as Starry Nite or Christmas productions however, are on an ad-hoc basis, hence it is up to an individual’s discretion to sign up for our events.

Our Accomplishments

  1. Numerous External and Internal Gigs
    SMU Soundfoundry's recent music concert "MicDrop! 2022" has garnered multiple performance invitations to Lazada One, SG Night Fest, SMU AYOC & NDOC, Intervarsity Jam, and the list goes on!
  2. Aphasia SG Soundfoundry's CSP
    Aphasia is a language disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate, usually caused by a stroke or head injury. Aiming to utilise music for a good cause, SMU Soundfoundry members assisted Aphasia SG in supporting music therapy sessions, choir practices, music videos, and other collaterals to increase Aphasia SG's exposure.



Yes, as SoundFoundry does not provide beginner lessons, we expect our members to be well-versed with their vocal techniques and/or familiar with their instrument of choice.

"I was searching for a music club on VIVACE. I was trying to find club that allows me to write lyrics and make music. Although I have little experience with the DAW and my voice isn't great, I enjoy music. It is a way for me to de-stress and relax. So regardless of whether I getting in, I look forward to attending the performances =). Cheers!" 

- Luke, Y1, Business


 “SoundFoundry has provided me with great opportunities to perform with my bandmates. These memories are some of the best I’ve had in university and I will always hold them close to my heart. Strangers I met in my band became friends that I still meet with, and we have lots of fun making music together!”

- Cassandra Ng, VOIX & SF member, Y2



If you wish to fulfill your performing needs, SF has two big concerts, namely the Annual Production (AP) and Starry Nite Production, where we gather SF members to showcase their musical talent and skills. We also have various internal events that give members opportunities to perform/record, as well as external gigs available for our band registry. Additionally, to supplement our members’ musical growth, we conduct the Training and Development (TnD) programme, as well as various music workshops and events for our members to learn and interact with each other. 


SF does not provide beginner instrument lessons, and thus we cannot teach you how to play an instrument from scratch. However, the SF community is a great place to get encouragement, feedback, resources, and advice from peers and seniors who play your instrument of interest. We also conduct instrument workshops that teach more advanced techniques and theory.

The Band Registry comprises SF's selected performance-ready musicians and bands, who will be offered and informed of curated (and sometimes paid!) gig opportunities as sourced by the EXCO. The Band Registry is open for all SF members to audition!

Your progression in SF is essentially OTOT. We do not assign any of our members into bands, nor are our members obligated to be part of one, the only time we assign bands is during our SMU Soundfoundry freshman orientation camp known as Amplify Camp.

Ultimately, whether the band stays in contact is up to the individual’s discretion. The onus lies upon the member in reaching out to other club members to form new bands (or you could go solo too!). 

Nevertheless, our CCA events provide platforms and networking opportunities for members to forge friendships and understand more about each other’s music tastes and talents, so that they may form bands more organically. 


There are two types of SF membership: Active and Normal.
Active members are (1) entitled to use the studio, (2) entitled to ACF welfare, (3) priority for workshops, (4) entitled to attend and vote in General Meetings and Internal Elections, (5) qualified to run for EXCO positions.
Normal members on the other hand are (1) entitled to use the studio, (2) entitled to attend General Meetings and Internal Elections, (3) Qualified to run for EXCO positions

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