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SMU People for Animal Welfare (PAW)



SMU PAW is dedicated to fostering love for animals, promoting responsible pet ownership and adoption, and preventing animal cruelty among the SMU community and the general public.

To raise awareness and educate the community about animal welfare, SMU PAW organises events and gatherings, conducts volunteering sessions and programmes, and collaborates with animal welfare groups. We aim to promote discussion about animal welfare issues in the community! As a member, you get priority to special SMU PAW events (hint: with animals!) and exclusive volunteering opportunities to help the animal welfare community. 


  1. SMU PAW Animal Day
    Our annual signature event where we bring animal lovers together to promote adoption, to raise awareness and educate the public on animal welfare. It is a family-friendly and pet-friendly event that is packed with a day of fun filled activities, workshops, exhibitions, PAWgeants and many more! Animal welfare groups and advocates will also be invited to join us on this special day to spread word about their cause and stories about their journey in animal welfare. It is the largest event conducted by SMU PAW, garnering a crowd of 700 annually in recent years. 




  1. SMU PAW Animal Day
    SMU PAW raised 330kg of pet food donations during SMU PAW Animal Day
  2. Howl-o-ween 2019
    SMU PAW raised $530 for Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter during Howl-o-ween in 2019
  3. SMU PAW Animal Day 2020
    SMU PAW raised 500kg of pet food and $1395 worth of donations for our beneficiaries during SMU PAW Animal Day 2020



Students do not need to audition/ interview to join the club. We are open to all pet owners and non-pet owners alike! We believe that everyone can be the voice for the voiceless, and participate in their own capacity towards contributing to the animal welfare scene. We are always keen in sharing with people about what the animal welfare scene is about, regardless of their status, so long as they are willing to learn.

"Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have hamsters and a dog as a pet. Even though my pets have sadly passed away, I still remember the joy they gave me while growing up and allowing me to have a friend. I chose to join SMU PAW as I want to be able to give back the happiness to the animals like how my pets used to provide for me in the past. Not only that, I hope that I will be able to share the message that animals are just like us humans, and that they deserve the care and respect like we have."

- Koh Jia Hui, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Y1

"SMU PAW provides me the opportunity to help the animals in need and also to raise awareness about animal cruelty, amongst my school mates. As a pet owner myself, I feel a stronger passion to provide these animals with the support and love they deserve as I feel a deeper connection to them!"

- Rochelle Tay, Lee Kong Chian School of Business Year 1


To join SMU PAW, potential members would need to pay a membership fee of $15*! To maintain an active membership status, members will have to attend or volunteer for at least 1 PAW event per semester to maintain an active membership status. To regain an active membership status, you would need to pay the $15 membership fee again. 

As a general member, there is no weekly commitment as PAW is events-based. However, we do have a separate programme (SMU PAW Shelter Programme) that is commitment-based (limited slots available!).

No. Participating or volunteering at our events will not earn you CSP hours. CSP hours are only awarded to PAW members under our Shelter Programme. (With a minimum commitment period of 36 weeks throughout the Programme and achieving 75% attendance rate)

The shelter programme is exclusive to only PAW members, and you are not automatically part of the programme upon signing up! It is also not compulsory for members to join the programme as it is not a requirement for membership. 

We only hold our recruitment once per academic year and slots are limited! Currently, we are collaborating with three Animal Welfare Groups for this Programme; Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS), The Right to Live (TRTL) and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS).

Admission to the Shelter Programme is subjected to an interview conducted by the SMU PAW Executive committee, Shelter Safety I/Cs and senior volunteers. The first recruitment begins late September, watch out for the recruitment email!  

You can follow us on Instagram at and Telegram at to stay up to date on the latest animal welfare news, events and initiatives! 

Have any suggestion or enquiry? You can drop us a DM on Instagram or an e-mail at and we will be in touch with you!

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