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Inner-strength. Artistry. Family. 

Wushu is a sport that combines the elements of a performing art with practical martial arts applications and encompasses a variation of styles using one’s bare-hands, short weapons, long weapons and many more!

SMU Wushu was founded in 2009 to create a platform for Wushu enthusiasts to come together to train and share knowledge. We combine flexibility with strength and speed with flawless technique. As a team, we come together to showcase our prowess. SMU Wushu places great emphasis on team spirit, making lifelong friendships beyond competitions and performances. Our members are more than willing to share their experiences beyond Wushu. Furthermore, you can always expect to try out something new with us! Our strong alumni network also sees that many alumni set aside time to attend training sessions after graduation and participate in our annual Alumni Networking Session.


  1. Alumni Networking Event
    A networking session organised to facilitate sharing and bonding between SMU Wushu alumni and current members. This event is also for existing SMU Wushu members to gain valuable advice from the SMU Wushu alumnus who are working in relevant/interested fields.
  2. Singapore International Martial Arts Tournament
    A platform for members to showcase what they have learnt and practiced during training sessions. Members will also have a chance to interact with the wider Wushu community through participating in such competitions.
  3. Martial Mayhem
    To allow SMU students to experience all the various martial arts that SMU has to offer.




Day Tuesdays
Time 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Venue SMU B1 Gym Studio (Beside SMU Gym)



  1. International Wu De Bei Traditional Wushu Competition
    少林拳: 1st place
    少林三十六棍: 1st place
    双手刀: 1st place
    少林三十六枪: 1st place
    鹰抓拳: 2nd place
    游龙刀: 2nd place
    少林单刀: 2nd place
    练步拳: 2nd place
    六路短拳: 2nd place
    峨嵋刺: 2nd place
    春秋大刀: 2nd place
    齐眉棍: 2nd place
    功力拳: 2nd place
    少林南拳 (Men's): 3rd place


  1. Xing Zhou "Wu De Bei" International Traditional Wushu Competition
    少林拳 (Women’s): 1st place
    少林拳 (Women’s): 2nd place
    少林南拳 (Men's):2nd place
    少林三十六棍: 2nd place
    峨嵋刺: 2nd place
    少林剑: 2nd place
    游龙刀: 1st place
    少林十三枪: 2nd place
    鹰抓拳: 2nd place
    春秋大刀: 2nd place


  1. 8th Singapore International Martial Arts Tournament
    鹰爪拳: 1st place
    峨嵋刺: 1st place
    自选南棍: 1st place
    少林南拳 (Men’s): 1st place
    少林南拳 (Women’s): 1st place
    少林剑: 1st place
    少林三十六棍: 1st place
    少林十三抢: 2nd place



Students do not need to audition to join us, we welcome all students who are interested in taking up the sport!


No prior experience required. As long as you have an interest in Wushu, you are welcome to join us!

Yes! SMU Wushu specialises in traditional (传统) styles of martial arts, as opposed to the contemporary (竞赛) styles practiced by other wushu clubs. You may even tweak the style to add your own spin to it!

Each training session has two segments under the guidance of our coach. In the first segment, we practice our fundamentals in basic stances, kicks, jumps and in-air movements. In the second segment, we focus on polishing our individual specialised routines or learn new routines. In the event of upcoming competitions and performances, we choreograph our own group routines!

Free-of-charge! In addition to that, all SMU Wushu members may loan equipment from our club inventory of weapons and costumes.

Definitely! All SMU Wushu members can participate in both performances and competitions if they are interested. 

"As someone who isn't a very sporty person, I never really expected that I would be in Wushu. But here I am! I joined Wushu because I wanted to learn something new and step out of my comfort zone. You may ask, why wushu out of all the other clubs out there? Well, firstly it was because I wanted to learn some self-defence and secondly it was because of the people here! After going for different trials, I felt that the people here at wushu were the friendliest and the warmest. And now, after being in the club for almost a year, I can tell you that the people here are awesome, and make training extremely fun. If you would like to sweat it out and have fun, wushu is the place to be! I also learnt new cool stuff like gong li quan and how to use a spear. I find spinning the spear very fun and cool. If you would like to know how to spin a long stick or anything, wushu is the place for you too!
Overall, I'm very happy that I decided to join Wushu back in Y1 and wouldn't have it any other way!"

- Zoe Yi, School of Accountancy Year 2, Finance Director

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