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SMU Eurhythmix, or affectionately known as EMIX, is SMU’s premier Hip-Hop club. Known for its professionalism, showmanship, and technicality, EMIX’s mission is to “train and provide dancers with opportunities and exposure to hip-hop, to guide them to their maximum potential and inculcate a strong passion for hip-hop”. Beyond quality choreographies, every performance is put up with the aim of resonating with the audience, and bringing across relatable messages with a tint of humour. This has made EMIX’s signature bi-annual productions “Timeless” and “RAW” widely anticipated. 

Under the guidance of our Resident Choreographers, Gin Lam and Derrick Ng, who are both well-known in the local dance scene, EMIX has attained many prestigious titles, and was even crowned Champions in Super 24 in 2018. 

Be it suave, intricate choreographies or crisp hard hitting beats, EMIX is sure to deliver a captivating show. Come join our vibrant family full of passionate individuals, where we hope to fill your dance journey with growth and fond memories!


  1. Creative signature productions – “Timeless” and “RAW”
  2. Annual dance camp, EMIX JAM
    EMIX JAM exposes dancers to a variety of dance genres through the collaboration with external dance instructors, and fosters bonding through games.
  3. Internal dance battle competition, EMIX WAR
    EMIX WAR encourages dancers to step out of their comfort zone and explore freestyling with the help of the seniors.
  4. Community service initiative – Youth-Rhythmix (Y-MIX)




Day Mondays Saturdays
Time 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Venue SMU’s Arts & Culture Centre (ACC)



  1. SMU University of Student Life Award 2023
    - Awarded the SMU Excellence in Student Life Bronze Award - Club (Arts Ensemble)


  1. SMU University of Student Life Award 2022
    - Awarded the SMU Excellence in Student Life Bronze Award - Club (Arts Ensemble)


  1. SMU University of Student Life Award 2021
    - Awarded the SMU Excellence in Student Life Bronze Award - Club (Arts Ensemble)


  1. SMU University of Student Life Award 2020
    - Awarded the SMU Excellence in Student Life Bronze Award - Club (Arts Ensemble)


  1. SMU University of Student Life Award 2019
    - Awarded the SMU Excellence in Student Life Gold Award - Club (Arts Ensemble)
  2. South Park Jam 2019
    Awarded the Most Entertaining Performance Award
  3. Most Entertaining Performance Award in South Park Jam’ 19
  4. Lakeside Family Services Volunteer Awards 2019
    Awarded the Lakeside Family Services Volunteer Award 2019 for Community Partnerships



Students need to audition and interview to join SMU Eurhythmix. 

"SMU Eurhythmix is not just my CCA but also my family that brings excitement to my university life. Not only am I thankful to be able to forge life-long friendships with like-minded people here, I am also extremely grateful to have found this safe space to hone my skills and have a great exposure to dance"

- Jasmine Goh, President of 18th ExCo, School of Business Year 3

"Looking back, most of my best memories of university life were made in EMIX. Not only has the club given me ample opportunities to pursue my craft, it has also helped me to grow as a person, performer, and dancer"

- Cherin Kay, Dance Captain of 17th ExCo, School of Business, Alumni


EMIX is led by our Resident Choreographer, Gin Lam, and our Assistant Resident Choreographer, Derrick Ng. Occasionally, we also engage external instructors who are professional dancers in the arts scene to enrich our dancers. Some external instructors that we have previously engaged include Xue Hui, Haikal, Ben Yeo, Ronnie, and Zaihar. EMIXers, who are keen to explore choreographing, are also provided with various platforms to share their choreographies with the club.

Apart from being mainly trained in Hip Hop, dancers are also exposed to other genres during our trainings, gigs and productions.

In line with our vision, EMIX inculcates a family-like culture where we aim to foster a strong sense of belonging. We actively encourage an open community so that our dancers are reassured, and hence able to pursue anything the under the sun. This culture is slowly built through our interactions with one another, especially during productions and trainings where dancers get to mingle with other batches and our alumni (Eluminix).

Nope! We welcome everyone regardless of their dance backgrounds. We believe in one’s passion and value dancers with great learning attitude. Everyone has got to start from somewhere!

This year, we will be holding physical auditions on 2nd September (Sat), from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Feel free to sign up and we will provide more details in due time! You do not have to worry about committing to this sign-up as you can still decide if you would like to join us at the auditions!



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