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Stereometa, SMU’s Disc-Jockey (DJ) club, is becoming one of the most exciting tertiary DJ collectives in the nightlife industry. Stereometa explores music without bounds, and we are dedicated to equipping our members with adequate DJ skills so they can freely express themselves through whatever genre of music they like. Stereometa has helmed the decks in clubs such as Cherry discotheque, Wan and GetJuiced in 2020 alone and continuously seeks new opportunities for their members to showcase their creativity!


  1. Party 101
    End of year school’s out party hosted at a club
  2. Club and Event Gigs
    At places like Get-Juiced, Cherry, Wan, Empire and SG Night Festival 
  3. School Gigs
    For camps and major events (e.g. ACF Arts Camp, Patrons Day) 






Mondays to Thursdays

Timing (Flexible as each group will decide their preferred date and timeslot.)
Venue SOB Studio




Timing 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Venue SOB Seminar Room

"Mass (Friday) happens once fortnightly, and Individual classes happen once a week (Mon-Thurs)."

*Individual classes consist of 1 instructor to 3 - 5 members.


  1. Re:Activate Competition 2022
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Kong”: 1st runner up
  2. Sentosa Spin Off 2019
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Kong”: Semi-finalist
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Evis”: Semi-finalist + Glucose Papa
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Glucose Papa”: Semi-finalist
  3. Live Mix Maestro competition 2019
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Kong”: 1st runner up
    SMU Stereometa DJ “Ayekay”: 3rd runner up



We will be holding an interview during recruitment to get to know you better. Do be rest assured that you do not need to prepare anything such as mixes and equipment. See you at the interview!

"Stereometa allows me to learn something new while being with other people who love music! I get to be in a safe environment to appreciate music and experience new things with friends!"

- Nerin, School of Social Sciences, Year 3



"Stereometa is a great avenue for people to learn about DJ-ing and make new friends! Stereometa has really broadened my perspective of the local DJ-ing scene. Providing me with opportunities that I could've only dreamt of and allow me to develop my passion for DJ-ing."

- Omer, School of Computing and Information Systems, Year 2



No, you do not! Most of our members did not have any prior experience before joining SMU Stereometa. Our training will groom you into a better DJ to participate in gigs and competitions as well.

Yes, we do! From club gigs and events partners. 

Our practices will be held in our studio located at Lee Kong Chian School of Business. For gigs it depends on who our partners are for 2020/21. In 2019/20 we partnered with clubs such as Cherry, WAN, Get-Juiced as well as CCAs and events from SMU.

No, you do not! SMU Stereometa has club worthy setups in our studio consisting of CDJs and turntables. Getting your own equipment, such as a controller, is encouraged but not necessary. In fact, Stereometa has enough equipment for you to borrow and practice at home.


Yes, you will! Production will be taught by our trainers and masterclasses where we invite external DJs down to share their wisdom. Notable DJs who have conducted masterclasses would be DJ Ezra Hazard and The Infamous.

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