SMU International Connections

SMU International Connections

SMU International Connections


SMU International Connections (SMU ICON) champions integration efforts on campus, and celebrates cultural diversity among local and international students by organising events and programmes to showcase the unique cultures and talents present in the diverse campus population. We spearhead initiatives that build friendships between international and local students. Through our 13 cultural clubs, we welcome both international and Singaporean members, who come together to plan activities for the SMU community to enhance cross-cultural understanding.


  1. SMU ICON Camp
    An orientation programme packed with fun-filled activities and challenges specially curated to welcome international freshmen, SMU ICON Camp provides an opportunity for freshmen to make new friends and meet seniors from around the world, learn more about Singapore and experience the unique ICON culture!
  2. SMU Diverse-City
    An annual campus event, SMU Diverse-City celebrates cultural diversity by raising awareness and appreciation of various ethnic and cultural identities through a series of lively and experiential in-person and online activities.
  3. SMU Buddy Programme
    As an SMU international freshman, you will be paired with an SMU senior to show you the ropes around campus and Singapore, as well as answer any queries you may have about settling into your new home! Important tips and advice include finding the best local deals and insider info on top food places to hit up. Begin your SMU Journey with buddy mentors who are super excited to embark on this adventure with you!
  4. ICON Welfare Drives
    Do you feel tired and lack motivation to study during the semester? Fret not, ICON has welfare drives prepared for you! Stay tuned to our email blasts and updates from our social media accounts to find out more 
    (P.S. ICON has one of the best welfare drives in SMU!)
  5. ICON Career Sessions
    In partnership with the ICON Alumni Group, ICON Career Sessions provide students with exclusive networking opportunities with ICON alumni from various industries to get valuable insights and learn from their working experiences.





No, there are no requirements to join. Just join our events through our EDMs and enjoy the ICON spirit!


"ICON is and will always be a special highlight of my SMU journey. I've met so many amazing and wonderful people through ICON and my ICON journey has been just AMAZING. See you in the fam!"

- Claire Tang Jing Yi, Vice-President, School of Accountancy Year 3

"ICON really has been a huge part of my SMU experience. It was a completely novel and eye-opening journey for me; through it I have met such diverse and wonderfully passionate people, and been a part of such a creative, caring and FUN community! It has been, undoubtedly, a privilege!"

- Rhea Singhania , President, School of Economics Year 3


Absolutely! ICON welcomes everyone regardless of their nationalities. In fact, over the years, many local students have joined ICON because they want to help us make SMU a diverse and inclusive place for all.

There are 13 ICON Cultural Clubs! They are SMU Apsara Cambodia, SMU Al Khaleej, SMU Connect China, SMU Chao Vietnam, SMU Francophiles, SMU Japanese Cultural Club, SMU Woori Sayi, SMU Roots, SMU Barkada, SMU Myanmar Community, SMU Truly Malaysia and SMU Yim Siam, and our newest addition: SMU Indian Cultural Society!

We have a lot of unique and fun events all year round! Diverse-City is a fun way for all students to experience interesting and unique cultures from different countries. SMU Buddy Programme pairs local students and international/exchange students to help them form long-lasting friendships. Those are just some of the events that ICON hosts.

If you are an international student, you are automatically a member of ICON. If you are a Singaporean or Singapore PR, you can join ICON by joining the Organising Committee of any ICON signature event, becoming a facilitator or gamemaster for ICON Camp or by becoming a member of any of the 13 ICON Clubs by signing up and joining the club events.

Simply register when the clubs send out their email and participate in the events for free/a highly subsidized fee! Keep a look out on our various social channels (IG/Telegram/LinkedIn) for updates!

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