About Vivace

Vivace is SMU’s Annual CCA fair organised by SMU Students’ Association (SMUSA). SMUSA is the student government body for SMU Undergraduates and was founded in 2000. This year Vivace will be showcasing over 150 student clubs. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a current student of SMU, you are invited to check out the vibrant student life that SMU has to offer you throughout your years with us. Come join us this August 11th and 12th to catch a glimpse into the various student activities waiting for you!


Vivace and the 7 Guilds

Congratulations to all for safely making it to SMOO Island after sailing from the far away lands!

Home to the 7 Guilds, SMOO Island holds the Vivace Flame blazing at the heart of the island. Characterized by their personalities, way of life and traits, each guild’s trust and reliance on one another has kept the Vivace flame alive. However, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in lesser opportunities for interaction between the guilds and the Vivace Flame is slowly fading.

It is up to you to learn more about the 7 guilds and find a way to rekindle the Vivace Flame to bring life back to SMOO Island again!


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