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SMU Debating Society is a family of like-minded individuals who come together weekly to share perspectives and challenge each other’s ideas through verbal spars on a wide range of issues. We are one of Singapore’s top debating societies, representing the university in various regional and international championships, while actively giving back to the sport through our various flagship events.

Members can expect quality training from experienced debaters and accomplished coaches, the opportunity to represent SMUDS on the global stage, and play a part in organising our very own events, establishing friendships that transcend borders.

Whether you aspire to be the next top debater, gain organizational experience, sharpen your analytical skills or simply bask in the company of like-minded individuals, SMU Debating Society provides a one-stop platform to give your university life an enriching experience!





Day Tuesdays
Time 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Venue TBC


Day Thursdays
Time 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Venue TBC


  1. Champions - VinUni Debating Championship 2023

  2. Semifinalists - Hong Kong Debating Championships 2023

  3. Quarterfinalists - DTU Summers Pre-UADC 2023

  4. Semifinalists - Malaysia British Parliamentary 2022

  5. Pre-Quarterfinalists - ASEAN Youth Debate 2022

  6. Organised the SMU Novice Debating Championship 2022

  7. Grand Finalist - UMSU International Debate Open

  8. Quarterfinalists - Ganesha Open 2021

  9. Octofinalists - Borneo British Parliamentary Championships 2021

  10. Semifinalists - Peking University Pro-Ams 2021

  11. Quarterfinalists - Asia E-Debate Challenge 2021

  12. Organised SMU Mini Pro-Ams 2020

  13. Chief Adjudicator - United Asian Debating Championship 2019

  14. Grand Finalists - Asian British Parliamentary 2019

  15. Grand Finalists - NTU Pro-Ams Debating Championship 2019

  16. Women’s Register - NUS Open 2019

    Grand Finalists

  17. Quarterfinalists - Cambridge Intervarsity Debating Championship 2019

  18. Grand Finalists - SMU BP IV 2019

  19. Champions - SIM Debate Open 2019


Students do not need to audition/interview to join us, we welcome all students who are interested in joining us!

“Debate helps me to think sharper and meet fellow debaters in SMU, regionally and around the world. It exposes me to current affairs and ways of thinking that I have yet discovered. SMU Debating Society promises all the above, and that’s why I’m proud to be an SMU Debater”

- Hannah Zou, School of Social Sciences, Year 2

“In SMUDS, you will be bestowed with wisdom, acuity and strength. Wisdom from the exchange between yourself, peers and adjudicators. Acuity from the pressure to come up with something from nothing. Strength from your budding confidence and the supportive peers around you. I never regret the time spent in SMUDS.”

- Alexis Loy, School of Law, Year 3


Trainings for new debaters will focus on fundamental techniques and feature more accessible, beginner-friendly motions for debating. Regular trainings which are conducted on Thursday will be slightly more competitive with harder motions. However, both trainings will be conducted by accomplished and experienced debaters!

No. There are plenty of competitions that are catered to novices. You will also receive the support of our accomplished debaters when training and preparing for competitions!

Yes. There are plenty of competitions that are frequently being organised, and you can choose to participate in one that suits your schedule. However, do note that if you sign up for a major tournament, you will likely be expected to commit more time into training

No. While there are many competitions that you can participate in, it is perfectly fine for you to attend debate as a recreational activity or hobby.

NOPE! We accept debaters from all levels, and you can be sure that you will get up to speed learning about debating from our seniors.

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