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XSEED is an outdoor adventure sports club providing students with a platform to venture into thrilling board-sports such as Cable Skiing, Longboarding, and Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Over the years, we have built a community of outgoing and adventurous individuals who eagerly take part in our regular activities. In addition to our line-up of local regular activities, XSEED also organises overseas expeditions for SMU students to cultivate adventurousness and global exposure. Students will have opportunities to organise and try out new adventure sports which are unavailable in Singapore such as Alpine Sports, ATV Cross Country Riding & White Water Rafting.

You can expect to grow holistically within a community of like minded-individuals and hone your sporting skills with our activities! Join us as we Xplore frontiers and share Xciting adventures together!


  1. Summer & Winter Expeditions
    Our Summer and Winter Expeditions offer local and overseas adventures, ranging from white-water rafting in jungles to thrilling ski trips down snowy mountains, promising unforgettable experiences.

  2. Ski Bike 
    The Annual Ski Bike event, a collaboration between SMUX Biking and SMUX XSeed, combines a picturesque bike ride with a cable skiing session at Singapore Wave Park, creating a unique fusion of adventure and natural beauty.




Day Fridays
Time  5:30 pm to 8:30 pm*

Singapore Wake Park


Day Fridays
Time 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm*

Singapore Sports Hub

*Training timings subjected to change



Students do not need to audition/ interview to join the club. SMUX XSEED’s community is welcome to participants from all backgrounds and interests, we do not require any of our members to undergo an audition as we believe outdoor sports are meant for everyone and anyone.

As a thrill seeker, I have always liked the exhilaration adventure and extreme sports entails that's why I decided to join Xseed. I am also looking forward to overseas expeditions in future when circumstances allow! — Teo Wei Lun, Year 1 SCIS


SMUX XSEED features a variety of adventure sports which makes it even more exciting that I do not have limit myself to one particular sport and try new things.

— Pang Lee-Ann, Year 1 LKCSB



XSEED actively works with OSL and OSS to ensure a high standard of risk mitigation and good safety management. Hence, our exhilarating activities can be enjoyed safely without significant risks.

XSEED is an incubator for new outdoor adventure activities in SMU’s vibrant student community. We actively work towards a conducive learning environment, where students of all proficiencies can participate regardless of prior experience. Hence, it is not difficult to pick up our activities despite the unfamiliarity.

XSEED believes in strength through diversity — by providing a myriad of opportunities, we hope that our members can grow holistically and broaden their knowledge/proficiency in less mainstream outdoor adventure sports.

You sign up via google forms in EDMs sent to your school email account or in our Telegram group. Sign ups are by a first come first serve basis and they always fill up quickly, so join our Telegram group to receive immediate notifications when sign-ups begin!

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