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SMU Real Business is SMU's most accessible and connected entrepreneurship club that aims to support budding entrepreneurs by connecting them with matured entrepreneurs and equipping them with essential skills required in the start-up scene. 

We do this by organising workshops, pitching competitions, sharings, and networking sessions. 


  1. Bootcamp
    A great introduction to Real Business and its events, where you get to mingle with other aspiring entrepreneurs through games, sharing sessions and mini-competitions!

  2. Real Journeys
    Sharing of experiences, learnings and stories by startup founders from various industries regarding their entrepreneurship journey along with follow-up networking sessions!

  3. Real Workshops
    These workshops are fully sponsored by Real Business and aim to impart essential, technical skills which would be useful for any budding entrepreneur such as digital marketing, basic web development and pitching!

  4. Pitch-It!
    Real Business' signature business idea pitching competition where students are invited to pitch their innovative and practical ideas to industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs. 

  5. Synergy Night
    A professional networking event with speakers from various leading startups participating in a panel discussion as well as directly interacting with participants.




Day Thursdays
Time 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue SMU Campus



Students do not need to audition/interview to join us. Our club welcomes everyone and there is no requirement for attending our sessions. A minimum attendance of 3 sessions would qualify you as an official Real Business member.

"There might be many startups today but half of these startups would be dead in a year. So the key thing would be to focus on building your own business so that you can be the one left standing. There is no other place to guide and aid you in building this business other than SMU Real Business."

- Praveen Indru Khemaney, School of Business, Year 3

"As someone with no drive and passion in entrepreneurship, SMU Real Business has brought about a great drive and passion in me for entrepreneurship guiding me with the basics of entrepreneurship as well as networking opportunities and many more."

- Ng Li Mei, Year 3 Business Student 


Nope, everyone is welcome! Just look out for our emails and sign up for our sessions in advance as we have limited capacity for each session.

 Yes! There is a minimum requirement to attend 3 sessions a semester to be considered an official RB member. Furthermore, given the limited capacity with the COVID restrictions for our events and competitions locally and internationally, official RB members are given priority.

Nope! We encourage and are open to inspire and motivate all students to become and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and passion. 


Almost all our events are held on Thursday evenings from 7pm onwards. Do keep your Thursday evenings free and avoid bidding for classes on Thursday evenings to be able to attend our Real Business Sessions.

Nope. Real Business tries to hold events covering all the different fields from Technology, Food Beverage and even Sustainability giving all entrepreneurs the chance to hear from the best of the different industries. 


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