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SMU Connect China Cover
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
SMU Connect China Cover
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Connect China 联结中国


We are a cultural club in SMU under ICON that is open to all Chinese international students and SMU students who are interested in the Chinese Culture. Connect China is dedicated to hold meaningful cultural events to promote Chinese Culture and a place for students to interact and make friends regardless of nationality. We have helpful and friendly exco members, and you definitely can expect interesting cultural events from our club!


  1. Freshmen Welcome Party
  2. You Are the Voice Singing Competition
  3. Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner



As Connect China is an event-based club, we do not hold regular meetings. Our events are held at Seminar Rooms on campus or via online platforms (during COVID).



No, you can just sign up for our events via links in our EDMs!


"Connect China has helped me to understand more about traditional Chinese Culture. By planning and holding various events, I have the opportunity to make more friends and form stronger bonds helping each other. Joining Connect China has honed my communication and planning skills but most importantly, I have gained lifelong friends."

- Xu Wei, Event Director, LKCSB, Year 3


"Connect China is a cohesive and warm community. We help each other without any hesitation. We organised events and singing competitions for students from different countries and proudly introduced them to our Chinese Culture. I hope more people will know about us and join our future events! "                                              

- Xiong Xin, Marketing Director, SOE, Year 3



Yes, students of all nationalities are welcome to join us and participate in our event.

Yes! For all students’ interest, our events are conducted in English and it will be a great opportunity for you to interact with our Chinese students or even learn some Chinese from them. In regards to joining our club as an exco member, some roles such as Marketing Director require some Chinese reading and writing skills. If you have the ability that suits other roles in our club, we are more than happy to welcome you too.

Please follow us @smuconnectchina_official on Instagram. Also, do look out for emails sent out by our club. All the latest information regarding our events will be posted on the social media channels and sent via EDMs. Additionally, we have many interesting posts about Chinese culture, holidays and giveaways. Do follow us!

As we are an event-based club, we do not have fixed weekly meetings or training sessions. Please look out for our emails and posts on social media for our events.

Of course! You may reach out to us via email and social media if you have any suggestions for our events planning. We are more than happy to hear from you. Besides, after attending our events, you may provide us with feedback through the links we provide or simply reach out to any of our exco members to help us improve.

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