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Gathering all Indonesian students at SMU and all those who are interested in Indonesian culture! 🇮🇩 SMUKI is where you can discover Indonesia’s vibrant and diverse culture, be it through interactive workshops or our annual musical production GAYA. Go beyond our events and dive deeper into the Indonesian scene by participating in fun bonding activities with fellow Indonesian students or by networking with SMUKI alumni in our networking events.


  1. GAYA (Gelar Budaya)
    Signature musical production with over 1,000 spectators annually. This production is open to all students and we welcome non-Indonesians too!
  2. SMUKI Gathering Day x Bidding Workshop
    Introduction of the BOSS bidding system to the incoming students in conjunction with a welcome dinner with the freshmen and seniors.
    SMUKI's freshman orientation camp!
  4. MAGER (Makan Together)
    Food workshop where we introduce various Indonesian dishes to the general SMU community.
    Compete in fun sports games and get exercise to stay fit during the semester!




Excos will have weekly meetings among themselves to discuss about their program for their term. 

GAYA members will have practices and meetings based on their roles in the production. 



Students do not need to audition/ interview to join SMUKI, all are welcome to be a part of our community! :) Elections and Interviews will only be held for those who wish to become part of the Executive Committee.

"SMUKI is a home away from home for me - It further enriches my life and my SMU journey! It is a place where I meet fellow Indonesians and learn many things, and of course have lots of fun yeah :)"

– Hardyanto, School of Computing and Information Systems, Year 4

"SMUKI was the very first family I had when I first came to SMU. As I learn and experience new things in SMU, SMUKI continues to be my chosen family, a family who I would run to whenever I miss the warmth of home."

- Jennifer Kenly, School of Accountancy, Year 3 


There is no formal application procedure. Just reach out to us and we will be happy to include you in our community!

There is no commitment for members of this CCA, except if you are a member of the Executive Committee (Excos) or you are involved in GAYA (Gelar Budaya).

Top 4 roles (President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Finance Secretary) are to do a campaign speech for the positions. They are then selected based on a voting system. The rest of the Exco members are to do an interview where the newly appointed Top 4 Exco will select the new exco teams.

This CCA is completely free! However, participants may be required to pay a small fee for some events.

No, SMUKI is open to the whole SMU community. If you are always interested in Indonesia’s culture, you are welcome to our community even if you have never stayed in Indonesia!

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